In a recent COL How To Channel workshop, Archangel Gabrielle spoke of anchoring the Nova Grid in physical form – that is as angels in form in co-creation by channeling and holding the light, the highest vibration, of yourself, of All, and then anchoring this high frequency by speaking.

Greetings, I am Gabrielle. I am Archangel Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Archangel of Communication and Archangel of Change. Welcome, welcome my messengers, my messengers of change, my holders of the light, warriors of peace, holders of hope, vessels of Love.

There is so much talk upon your planet about change, and Heaven does know that you are in the midst of it. And it is what you have asked for and prayed for and all of us have worked on for eons. It is the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother. But, dearheart, what do you think these changes entail?

Many of you have dreams of leaving the planet, of ascending, of being in a different reality; and that is perfectly true. But it may not be exactly in the way that you are conceiving of, for the gift of Gaia and the gift of Terra Nova is to be in the physicality and in form. It is the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan to be angels in form, playing and enjoying the gift of being in this form called human body. Now what is interesting from our perspective is that everybody else gets it – the plants, the animals, the kingdoms, the rocks, the trees, your brothers and sisters from above and below.

Now it is time for the human beings, for the collective, and that is why you have been given directly from the heart of One via Sanat Kumara – you are given this gift of New Grid. Have you not noticed, dear friends, that every time we speak of this New Grid, we talk about anchoring it? – anchoring it in your physical form. That is why so many of you are having such difficulty. It is not simply an etheric or a spiritual or an emotional anchoring. It is into your physical body, and why are we doing that? It is to anchor you into this wonderful Planet Gaia. This sentient being who has been in service to the Mother long before you have. And who has waited as well. Gaia has received her New Grid well over a decade ago, and she has waited patiently for you to catch up, as it were. This gift brings to the surface, yes, what you have need to release and let go of – the false grids, the false beliefs that human beings have created. But it is also bringing forth the fullness of your own design. The grid is the grid of Love. It is the grid of joy. It is the grid of light and of co-creation. It allows you to bring forward in your form and your sweet divinity what you desire.

I wish to emphasize this word of co-create. We are in sacred partnership. We always have been, always. Now for a long time through the evolutionary process of the human race, during the Dark Ages as we have called them, human beings have forgotten. And so, like children, we would not let you wander too far into harm’s way. But that contract, that sacred contract between us of co-creation has never changed. So what we tell you with great glee is “The apprenticeship is over.” That is why the Mother has asked you to step forward. It is simply because you are ready. If you were to stay in apprenticeship, you will be bored. And we do not wish you to leave the planet out of boredom, although many have and many will. This joy of co-creation is to bring forth on the planet and amongst you whatever you want. And you will be in alignment not only with yourself and each other, but with All. It is that place of balanced surrender at the same time as balanced action. And where that comes from, dear one, and why I have had the channel start there this day is from the stillpoint of nothingness. Surrender your expectations, your wounds, your fear of abandonment, and step forward with us into this place of co-creation.

You say, well Gabrielle, I would love to, but how do I do that? Well, you do it, dear one, by channeling and holding the highest frequency not only of your sweet self, but of All. We are not on some distant planet or star. We are here, right next to you. We are filling this room, and the forces have gathered. And when you hold this light, when you hold this vibration, when you anchor it in your physical form – and that is why we ask you to speak – there is nothing more physical on this planet than speaking. You say well, what about sex? No, it is the speaking. It is a low vibration when you look at how we communicate, but it is a human vibration. And so when you anchor by speaking, you are literally letting out of your being the light that you are holding. And whether you let it out as breath, as “Good morning,” in healing – it does not matter – because the transmission has taken place.

Now much to the channel’s chagrin, I have asked for this group to be very small. This is an intimate exercise. It is a bonding, and a willingness to bond as One. What the human beings do not understand always is that personalities don’t really count. They come, they go, they change. Oh they are delightful, but it is not the core essence of who you are. It is simply a particle of your expression. So what we are asking of thee is to open up to let the implosion/explosion of that personality take place so that the totality of your being may come forth. We are very excited, and we are here not only to join with you, but to assist. It is a gift. It is a gift this holding of light, this anchoring of Love. And it is a gift to you, and it is a gift to us. It is a gift to the human collective and the Legions of Heaven. It is a gift to the multiverse of which you are an integral part.

We welcome you. We welcome you lightholders. We do not invite you to “work” at this. We will not call you lightworkers. We will call you the holders of light, the beacons of divinity. Go with my Love and go with my blessings of communication. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon May 30, 2009