Universal Mother Mary has spoken with us a great deal lately about what happens when someone dies, passing from this realm to theirs. This channelling captures the essence of those messages.

Greetings I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Joy. I do not wish to be known as the Mother of Sorrows any longer.
When someone dies upon your Earth, yes there is ritual, and there is grief, and this is understood because there is a sense of loss and sorrow when you leave our side to come to Earth. Yes, we know, we can see you, we help, we knock on your door, we call your name, but do not think that your presence isn’t missed. So when you abandon your body and you return home, there is great jubilation. There is celebration, and all are welcomed. Share this, share this knowing with those you speak and counsel. We will comfort you in the grief but also know we are celebrating at the same time.

So turn to those you have had in your life, the ones who know and love you. Turn to those who have abandoned their form to continue their journey. They are available; they will assist in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. Do not deprive them of this opportunity. And yes, that does include the little ones, the infants who die as well. I will always continue to speak to you but choose my dearhearts to begin each day in laughter and joy. Hold the peace within your heart, be the blue flame of truth in your actions, in your treatment of each other, be only peaceful. T hen peace will reign.

There are times when you forget your ancestors, the ones that have walked with you in this lifetime, who have known you – your grandparents, your parents, your aunts, your uncles, your beloved ones who have known and loved you. When you are in doubt of whether you are supported, when you have need to help release the things that are of the human nature, call on them. They will also help you. I ask of you to not hold onto anything, other than Love. And even though Love is a stream of light, passing through you, when you horde, when you hold on, it is based in fear, it is based in doubt. So look at it, and give it to me. Our purpose is to assist you, we never turn away, we never abandon. So when you have wish to surrender and to release, when you are ready to let go of grief and sorrow and acknowledge our joy and celebration for those who return to us, give it to me.