Greetings, I am Mary! I am Mary, Mother of All. Welcome my sweet angels of blue. You do not need to correct me for I make you all honorary angels of blue this day, and then you can paint yourself the way you like with magenta, or purple or orange, and you can play with the innocence of children, because although, dear ones, you think yourselves terribly sophisticated, you’re not. You are innocent and that is a quality that we ask you to cherish within yourself. Innocence is the forerunner of trust and hope; it is the ability to know the sweetness of this human journey, and to look with awe upon this mighty planet that we have birthed.

Why do I choose innocence to speak of this day? Why do I remind you of your innocent self? Because it is absolutely necessary that this quality be present as warriors of peace, as healers of collective, of nova beings and creators of cities of light and anchors of terra Gaia.

Innocence does not men naiveté; it does not mean that you do not have discernment or awareness, quite the contrary. For the innocent see with clear eyes and with a clear heart and with the knowing of wisdom. Often upon your planet you talk about babies being sweet and innocent and it is because they have just arrived from my side, they have just arrived from the doors of heaven, and in that innocence there is a complete knowing, they have not forgotten the wonder, they have not forgotten the Love, they have not forgotten the magnificence of unity. And they trust, they trust that they will be nurtured, that they will be attended to, that they will receive exactly what they need and more. They trust that they will love and be loved. It is the starting point not only of healing, not only of creation, but of all life. It is a gift to remind you of who you really are. When you are out of form and by our side there is no bragging, one does not say ‘Well, I know more than you, I have experienced more than you, I’ve had more lifetimes than you’, and we often wonder whether that is a statement of truth, or trust. No, we come together in the unity of one and we celebrate the gifts and the uniqueness and the similarity.

Innocence does not need to control it is able to act in awe and wonder. Look how quickly the baby learns – if it fusses it is fed, it is dried, it is nurtured, it is coddled. Innocence knows, so my beloved ones, each of you this day I give you again the gift of innocence, I give you the gift of my wisdom, and I give you the gift of knowing. Trust what your heart tells you for it is truth, and do not waiver or be influenced by others. The baby does not turn to the adult and say, ‘Well, can you tell me what you think, can you tell me how I feel’? No, they trust and they know.

Often when I refer to you as my children you think of it as a demeaning term, and it is not. You are the children and the infants, you are the baby of my heart, and I give you my essence again as I birthed you as Nova Beings.

I am proud of you. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon May 3, 2008