Universal Mother Mary speaks to us about the incredible lost art of wishing, and our role as Light-holders. Wishing is part of intent, part of co-creation and the Mother invites us to wish from the deepest part of ourselves exactly what our heart desires.

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of love, Mother of change, Mother of peace.

Welcome, sweet angels. My legion of Light-holders upon the planet. I wish to speak to you this day of several things, but I also wish to remind you of the time years ago when through beloved Archangel Gabrielle we changed your name from Light-worker to Light-holder and some of you have remembered this and some of you have not and some of you have not heard this before. But, dear ones, this was a deliberate shift in the energy at that time, and one that we wish to bring to your attention yet again. For you do not need to work at the light, you are the light and yes it is what you bring in because it is what you breathe in. It is simple spiritual physics, it is the energy of the Love that permeates the universe and travels freely everywhere. So when you breathe it you claim it as your own and you allow yourself to be infused by it, you’re not working at it, you are simply being.

So you are Light being a Light-holder, that is the action that you are taking, it is simply holding the vibration, and in this holding you are allowing the emanation to flow from you, and with you, wherever you go, and whatever you undertake, whether it is work or play or stillness.

There is far too much emphasis on work, and that brings me to what I truly wish to speak to you this day about, and it is about wishing. It is about this subject of wish. It is a lost art, and it is something I wish to reintroduce to you. When you think or when you feel that you truly wish something, when you hold that energy of truly focused desire, it is a whispered prayer and it is part of co-creation, but what you are saying is this something I wish to accomplish or do or receive and I am not quite sure within my logical understanding of how things work, how this will transpire, what it will look like, how it will come, but nevertheless I request that it come forward in tandem with and because of divine intervention, assistance, co-operation and help.

Wishing is an admission that you wish our desires to meld, that you invite our energies to come together, to bring forward into Nova world what you are truly asking for. So many of you in the eagerness – correctly so – to join, to create to co-create, forget about this lost art of wishing, it has the purity and the grace of an innocent child, of the clear heart that knows that miracles are not only possible they are everyday occurrences. It is an act of faith; it is a plea for help. I do not mean wishing in the colloquial sense, just when you are speaking, I mean when you go to the core of your heart, when you gaze upon a star at night, and you ask for the impossible, impossible because you know it does not come from you alone.

This is our encouragement, to dream big, to expect the miracles and be the miracle, it is part of the Universal Law, ‘ask and you shall receive’. There are many shifts that can and will take place in this restoration not only of Gaia but of the collective human race, and, many of those changes come from the heart dreaming. When we have said to you the changes come from the people and we have encouraged you to take action it is vital and important, but do not think, dear ones, that the dreaming and the requesting, the wishing, is not equally important.

Do not abandon your innocence in your desire to create and do not forget the gratitude not only in what you receive but the pure gratitude that you are clear enough to wish, that you are clear enough to believe in trust, this gratitude, not only to us but to your sacred self. So I ask of you this day, this wondrous group who are infusing peace and harmony to the very planet and doing that very well, I ask of you what do you wish for? Not for the planet but for your sacred self, for that is the balance the fulcrum you are working with. You are working for the planet and now what do you wish for? What do you ask, desire, yearn for your sacred self?

I anticipate your request and will gladly receive it, and yes act upon it.

It is not a shopping list that I am requesting of thee, it is the deepest heart-felt yearning, express it, and express it daily. Allow your circle, your friends, your allies, your guides seen and unseen, to support this wish, to help you with the fulfilment of it, for wishing immediately involves others and therefore involves building and creating communities, seen and unseen.

So speak your wish to me and yes speak it to each other as well. I am here, I am amongst you and I am listening. Go with my blessing; go with my blessing of peace. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon Jan. 19, 2008