A passionate plea from Jesus Sananda / Jeshua to come and walk with him, to join with him. Jesus asks for a clear commitment from our hearts, a conscious out-loud answer to his request that we accompany him in this time of Shift.

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, brother of your heart and brother of your soul, and apparently brother of your solar plexus!

My beloved brothers and sisters, so often this Christian world refers to me as Saviour, others refer to me as Prophet. I wish to speak to you this day as friend, and I wish to shrink and jump and move and fold time. I wish to speak to your heart in a way I haven’t done in such a long time.

I come this day as your brother and your friend, Jeshua, to ask you once again to walk with me. Yes I know it has been well over a thousand years, coming on two, and my request has not changed. Some of you were present, in fact most of you were present, at that time, but whether you were or you weren’t matters not because I ask of you again to come and walk with me, to accompany me in the fulfilment of my Father’s and Mother’s business. For the job is enormous, but it is not only that, I do not wish to walk alone, much the same as you do not wish to walk alone.

This channel has asked me to elaborate about what it means to walk with me, whether there will be a pay-check (laughter), where there is need for sacrifice and what the rewards will be. For you see she has done it with me before and she remembers, for there were many times when we worried about the bills and how we would feed the many mouths that would show up at our home, whether there would be money for cloth, for it would not do to go naked (laughter), whether there would be money to tithed and even render our taxes. She knows that these things are all important in the physical reality, they are as important today as they were two thousand years ago, and I do not deny this and, my brothers and sisters. I know what it is to worry about this, and I know what it is to be asked to move about the world and to speak in ways that are often disdained, and at best misunderstood. But, nevertheless, I ask you to walk with me, for if you do not choose to do so, you who know and Love me, you who know my Love, then who upon this planet shall?

The Mother has said I will not incarnate, I will not take form, until the war is over and there are many faces to war, but Archangel Michael’s battle, Michael’s war, is being won, heart by heart by heart. And so although I am not physically in form as yet, I prepare the way as once my cousin did, and I ask you to walk with me. And yes, for some of you it means leaving your nets untended, but not forever, to leave your computers off, but not forever, and for some of you it means to turn your computers on.

(almost a whisper, tenderly) I ask you to help me share and spread the messages of Love. It is the only good news worth reporting on Earth. You are Love. I am Love. We are Love. And in this we will Love our neighbours, we will honour our neighbours, we will heal our neighbours, we will teach our neighbours, and we will show them the way, not through dogmatic rigors, but through gentleness, through play, through joy, through fun. And it is in this way that it is so attractive, that millions upon millions upon millions will join us.

I am not asking you to become priest or preacher, it is not yet time to go to the square and begin the preaching. What I am asking you to do is exactly the same that my brother asks of you, walk with me, not as strangers but as friend, as disciple and brother, as sister, as co-creator.

Never did I intend to create monoliths and institutions that bound people in guilt – that it is not the way of Love, and it does not matter whether it is called church or government it is not the way of Love. So this must be broken. But how this is broken is through gentleness and a pulling away from that understanding, leaving the illusion vacant, when there is no energy in the illusion it simply crumbles, that is the way it works. So you do not need to spend hours and days and years trying to destroy it, simply walk away, it will crumble under its own weight. And we will create new Cities of Light, new cities of Love, that are truly based in the unity and community that we are.

You know the story of the Sermon on the Mount, you know the story of the loaves and fishes, you know the story of Cana, there was always enough, there was always enough to feed, to clothe, and yes even to share a toast. And if the beginning of the day did not provide then I would pray. I did not have Albert (Einstein) by my side at that time, I did not think ‘Oh, I will reach up into the 8th dimension and pull down four loaves and fishes’. I would pray and sometimes they would appear and sometimes my friends, the fisherman, would bring the fish, and it matters not for both are miracle.

I am not the only one that is capable of miracles, of creation. You will do all this and more in my name. What do you think I was talking about? I haven’t changed, I want us to sit together, I want us to break bread together, I want us to share the stories of our hearts, of our victories, of our sorrows.

I want to walk with you. Will you join with me? Will you create with me? That is my plea to you this day. Answer me with your heart, answer me with your invitations, answer me with your actions, with your consistent actions.

My friends, I Love you. Yes, of course, you are loved universally, but I Love you – the brothers and sisters of my heart who have always stood by me, let me stand by you now, and let us go forward together.

Go in peace. Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna.

Channelled by Linda Dillon