Greetings, I am Gabriel. I am Gabrielle. Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome. Welcome to this Council and to this Circle of Love. Welcome home. I am honoured to step forward this day to greet this army of angels, these bringers of the dawn. Dear ones, I come this day to speak to you about your journey of joy. Now please note, right off the bat, when I say to you it is a journey of joy not to joy, for you are already there.

When you have emanated in your unique wonder from the very essence of Mother/Father/One, in the brilliance of your soul design, you had many elements within but all of it was of grace and purity, and all of it was of joy. You have travelled far and wide for aeons, but children, that has never changed and over the past several years – five years – when you have anchored the fullness of that soul design deep within you, yes once again beginning in Michigan, and when you have allowed it to blossom and to flower and to expand, the soul design was there so that the expansion could take place, and sometimes what you are forgetting is the recognition of that soul design. You are caught in this illusion that you are simply a human being striving to be an angel or a martyr or a saint, or an extra-terrestrial, a miraculous something, somebody. And you already are.

So the recognition of that comes with gratitude, humility, and the acceptance of grace and the blossoming of joy. So often, my sweet angels, you forget what we tell you and so we become highly repetitive, and it matters not because one day you will hear us and truly remember, it will sink like the pebble to the bottom of the pond, and it will be permanently embedded within thee.

When you have entered into the 13th Octave, when you have come back home to the heart of One, you have been given the 13 blessings and virtues and you have been told this is all you need for your journey that encompasses all the tools, all the dimensions, all the realities, everything! You are fully equipped for this human experience of joy. The Mother did not birth you from her heart and say, ‘Oh, I think I will have one that will be absolutely miserable’. It is not her way, and it is not within the realm of possibility. So, yes, the human illusions have grown up and become dense, but those barriers are being broken down rapidly, not only by Archangel Michael, not only by the mighty forces, but by you my sweet brothers and sisters.

When I ask you to live in joy, to be the joy, to embody it in every way, shape and form, that does not mean there will not be moments when you look and you think, ‘this brings me a tinge of sorrow’. My greatest joy, my decision as I emerged from the heart of God, was the honour to take this form of archangel and to be first and foremost the Lily of Love, the beauty of Love, the scent, the symbol, but secondly to be the messenger, so that I could carry these miraculous messages everywhere because that’s what gives me joy. It is what explodes my being and my radiance that I share with you this and every day.

Nothing gave me greater joy than coming to Mary to announce the birth of Jeshua, the coming of the promise of Love, the teacher, the healer. It was a miraculous moment not only for her but for me. The honour that was bestowed upon me carried me for a very long time, and in that joy I knew the unfoldment and, yes, the pain of sorrow. So sometimes in what you think of as life there are moments that are bitter sweet. Similarly when I went and spoke to Mohammed and I gave him the gift and the messages of Love, I knew of the fragmentation that would take place. But over that we have great faith and trust in this unfoldment not only because of our perspective but because we choose to. Even when it is darkest we choose to trust you, we choose to shower you. I give you my rain of gold, it is still coming down, do not run for cover child, bathe in it, glory in it, accept it into your being for that is the sole purpose. Love is joy, joy is Love, that is what the purpose of being alive is, that is the purpose of this planet. It is not to learn the lessons of drudgery. We have no idea why you would persist in that.

Start with the small things and ask the conscious question, be diligent, we know you do not wish to hear about consistency, but it is important. Does this bring me joy, does it catapult me to where I choose and wish to be? If the answer is yes embrace it, if the answer is uncertainty, turn to me, if the answer is no turn away and find another pathway. These decisions, these choices, are entirely up to you, but we are helping you, assisting you in partnership with you as never before. This is no longer a time of standing back and saying ‘I am going to be a healer, I am going to write book, I am going to form a healing community’. If you are going to do it then do it, child, it is time. The time of action is now. You have had long periods of integration, many of you feel stuck but it is simply that you are not willing to take the first step forward, and trusting yourself in what will bring you ultimate joy. So do so. Do not be afraid of falling, you are surrounded by guardian angels.

Be in your journey of joy. It is not a place of arrival, it is not a destination, it is not a big reward when you arrive home, although there is great celebration. It is your purpose, it is the fulfilment of who you are. It is the fulfilment of your soul design no matter who you are. Time and time again I give you my golden heart of joy, that has survived many universes. Take it. I share it with you, I wish you to know how I feel as the honoured messenger and as the Lily of Love. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon August 18, 2007