Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth. Welcome my dear, dear friends. I come this day as messenger of One to speak to you about Sedona. I wish to speak to you of the miracles and blessing of the 13th Octave. This is our sacred gift to you and it has been for a very long time, particularly in human terms because you think ten minutes is a long time. You turn to me and say Gabrielle, where is it? So I am saying to you, you have had this gift for some time. However, we are about to expand the energy — we already have.

Most of humanity spends most of their lives running hither and yon looking for the keys to heaven. We have discussed with you many times, so we will not go there. We have given you Heaven on Earth. The way to be with and in and of and be God, Source, One, and All and it is called the 13th octave. Understand that within each octave there are many steps and levels and you have but touched the first one. Yea, think of it as a flower, a beautiful rose or a lotus that has been closed until now. Yes, we left the doorway open but we didn’t leave the entire energy open. You weren’t ready for it. So you’ve been touching the edges of the rose and looking at it from the outside and we are opening this rose and inviting you to come and live in the center of the rose. That is what we intend to do in Sedona this year. We want you to live inside the flower and be the flower. We want you to have the scent, the touch, the knowing of One.

Your minds race, your egos look around. You say, “Yes, that is very nice, but could you give us some more tools?” We have given you tools by the dozens. We have given you the keys to creation. All of this will come together in this place. But let us tell you they are but tools. They are but playthings. We are bringing you home to One. We are doing so because of Love. In this enfoldment upon the earth, it is important for each one of you who have persisted and continued to hold the flower to hold more Love. You are light holders and that means love holders. In order for this planet to complete its transition, and, the plan of the Mother to come to fruition, you need to encompass this Love wholly and completely. Thus far, you have visited it. You have incorporated it somewhat. But dearheart, when we tell you it is time for expansion, we mean it.

You all love your beloved Jesus Sananda. What we wish you to do is to be him, to look in the mirror and to be and to hold the Love of that vibration. That would not mean, child, that he will not be with you. Please do not go into the place of fear, for that is very old energy. What it means is that you will recognize each other as the brothers and twins and sisters and twins, soul mates that you are. It is time to share and spread the Love, to anchor it within the hearts of every single person upon this planet. When you turn to me and you say, “Gabrielle, this is a huge undertaking. How will we do this?” I will tell you “child, you do it by doing it yourself.” It is not up to somebody else to hold the light for you. We have done this for eons. Your brothers and sisters of the stars have done it. Your beloved friends have done it. To continue to simply do so is to underestimate your fullness and your ability, your wholeness. And I have no desire, nor will I give the command, for this to continue.

You have prayed for wholeness. Not to go home, but to be at home within your being, and from that place to absolutely eradicate hatred and greed, lust and venom. It is not up to us to do this. Always we have said the changes will come from the people, through the decision and choice to not live in any vibration that is less than Love. So what we are offering you dearheart, what we invite you to do, is to come and play and allow the extension of what you have begun to take place.

Many of you hate it when we call you children, but understand the children are the messengers. Your beloved Jesus loves no one more than children. It is not the lack of experience. It is the closeness to One than the reality of all that the children hold. It is the sense of wonder and awe and potential. They have not lost it. So when we call you child and children, we are paying you huge compliments. So we ask you to come as one family in reunion. Come to Sedona and play. Come because we love you. Do not come to clear, that is extremely boring and old. We will take well of that well beforehand. This is a reunion of family, of Love.

I step aside for another who wishes to speak, but dear hearts, I am messenger of One. But what you forget sometimes is that I am also your messenger to One, of One. Talk to me for I am listening. There is no problem with our communication and connection.

Go with the fullness of my Love, my power, my might. I give it all to you that you may reign on earth in the name of love. Farewell.