“I am Jesus Sananda. This is a day of celebration, to be with all of you for we have traveled together so many times as family, as apostles, as friends and loved ones. So many times you turn to me you said Jeshua, how can we teach of love when there are poor and hungry and those who are in pain and who suffer with their physical ailments? Teach us first how to heal and how to feed our families.”

There were times when there wasn’t enough but we did not feel poor. Before you made each other wedding rings and William’s ring was a braid of Rebecca’s hair, and Rebecca’s ring was fish netting and it did not matter whether it was the finest gold for the love was pure and sterling. We shared our resources we shared our food and our homes. And we went together to visit the sick and dying and always I would say to you do you think this person wishes to continue as part of our tribe or do you think they wish to go home to the Father, and to feast at that banquet table? Each one of you sometimes you would turn to me and you would say, oh this one wishes to live for though she is old she is expecting her first born. And although she is paralyzed her spirit is strong. And I would speak to the heart and soul of each being each person each friend that I healed And when they said yes it was instantaneous. And when they said no it was swift passage. For I would help them, as would you, to clear their heart, to take care of the affairs of their family that they may live and leave in peace. For there is no death, there is only life. Each one of you has lived on many planets in many forms so you know of the cycle of rebirth and each one of you has chosen to return to earth again and again to bring the promise of Love. And every time you return to the mother’s arms you say that’s it, never again. I know I’ve done the same. And she looks at you and she speaks of her mission of Love, of her angels in form, she speaks of a world where there is no suffering and disease where the garden is restored and always you say oh all right I will help with that. This is the lifetime of fulfillment my friends where you walk with me again.

When I walked the earth as man I did not claim special powers as healer, what I claimed was the privilege and the honor and the alignment with the Holy Spirit with the Mother and Father. When I allowed that to flow through me it did not matter whether the person was dead and buried or many miles away they were healed. Not because of Jeshua the man, but because I stepped aside. Every master that comes to join you does not say to you” use my power”. They offer to help and be of service and even when they say let me in do you not know that they’re just pushing you aside a little bit so that the energy can flow? I suggest to you that you allow them to do this. For truly they only come in gentleness. To assist you in your chosen mission.

I wish to speak to you about the role of healer. Often I have said to you, each one of you is healer and teacher and you have turned to me and you have laughed and said but I am a nurse, I am a chemist, I am a farmer. And I have said yes, and, you are a healer and a teacher. There are many professions especially in this wondrous world I do not speak of a job but of professions. As holy and sacred as that is, never dismiss what you do or underestimate the power of what you do. We are not asking to replace your chosen path it is in the way that it is approached.

When I was on earth as Jeshua often I spoke of love your neighbor as yourself. Well, again I ask you to love yourself as you love your neighbor. Each one of you has need to expand the wellspring of your deep regard for yourself. And inside that deep regard is the recognition of yourself as healer and teacher, as nurturer for that is all there is. It is the gentle showing, it is being the mirror of God that the other person can look in your eyes, and say there I am.

Healing is instantaneous. But the heart the mind and body of this race of humanity this twenty-first century is very slow, even as your world and your universe have speeded up. You do not create the time to sit, to listen, to heal, to touch the earth, to touch the sky. So part of your role as a healer is to help people take time, and this is particularly effective if they are lying on a cot for they feel that you are directing it and they will stay put. Even in your busyness rather than speaking to someone on the fly make sure you take the time to say sit with me for a moment. It is not about the subject at hand that is important, it is not about giving and receiving information and instruction. It is about saying you are important enough in my eyes and the eyes of God to be with for a moment, let me show you how dear you are.