Greetings. I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle. Welcome Children of God and happy New Year. Yes, we know that this is an illusion of time, but still we acknowledge you and more than that, dear ones, we come this day to acknowledge new beginnings, fresh starts and rebirth.

I am The Messenger of One, Central Administrator of the Multiverse. It is a possibility to do many things at once, dear child, and so while I am managing many things I am delighted to be here with you here now and always and in all ways. I come to speak to you this day, this (council) circle upon the earth of the angels and extraterrestrials, the mighty ones, the ascended ones who have assumed form. In other words, dear ones, I’m talking about you.

We welcome you to our circle this day as we descend and join you. We have told you during your gathering in Sedona that what you are creating is miracles and new works of art. Upon the planet we’re being replicated above. Now we tell you this day, this time of new beginnings that we are also bringing our energies downward to help you and you say, “Why now and how can that be?” Yes, you work upon the universal time grid. Be clear about this. Yes, you have your reference points of earth time, but understand, dear one, I speak to you this day of divine timing. The energy of one, of unity, of grace, of love and joy that has been so gleefully accepted in Sedona by the Sacred Circle of 44, has opened the portal through the merging of many energies that have been heretofore barred from earth. I make this announcement in joy. I trumpet it across your planet and I do so with glee. Seals that have been in place for ions are being removed. New codes are being activated. Much is being opened and made available to you that has not been seen on earth ever. It is part of the unfoldment of the Mother.

So what is so special about 2005? It is the turning point in the time of restoration and it is the turning point not only of those who have acted as the physical vessels in Sedona in our gathering of family, but of everyone who has opened up their heart to the thirteenth octave and there are billions all over this earth.

So you say, “Gabrielle, what can one person do?” And I step forward this day on behalf of Mother, Father, God to tell you what the actions of one heart can do. We are not in the habit of setting you up, child, where it is not our way. Many times when you think that you have expectations it is because you have the thought of what is possible and the potential of fulfillment. Yes, sometimes you get in your own way or the stubbornness of human beings do. We are telling you this is going to be irradiated. The veils are no longer in place. Oh, yes, human beings can pull them down and put them in face, over their face in order to protect them from the brilliant, but the point is they are no longer there. There will be dramatic change. You are already witnessing that. Understand part of the restoration is cleansing.

There are many who choose to remain and be part of the rebirth of Nova Earth and Nova Being and there are many who still participate but have chosen to complete this mission from our side. They are welcomed home in jubilation. Understand this. So do not mourn the Mother (shift). We have told this channel and we have told you many, many years ago that this earth does shift, not in one dramatic action, for your prayers, your energy, your healing work has prevented that, but that does not mean that the access does not shift. It does. And it will move eventually by about 7.3 degrees south by southwest. You are going to witness some of this action and some of it has already taken place. So understand this. Stand back as we have told you. Be the observer. Project yourself where you have needs to be involved. Bring your light. Bring your love. Bring your full physical presence to the planet and then step back.

Do not allow yourself to become involved in the drama, for that is of old paradigm and old earth and it is rapidly dying. You do not wish to be caught in the tidal wave of emotion that is sweeping the planet in cleansing. Let it go. We come in gratefulness, in thanksgiving, in deep gratitude for your openness in your heart. If there is need for healing turn to Raphael. If there is need for creativity turn to Uriel. If there is need for speaking the truth and finding joy turn to me.

If you wish to descend the children and the women and the families who live in desperation turn to Michael and when you wish to conquer the physically reality of being in form in your fullness of your divinity turn to Jophiel. We are present with you on this planet as we have never been. We find it strange, dear ones, that you ignore us sometimes for we never ignore you and in speaking of ignoring, beings, I wish to speak to you about your personal guides. Yes, if you will recall, I spoke to you about a year ago about not ignoring your ancestors and making sure that you call upon them for they are sitting on the other side. They are in training. They are in reparation. They are doing what they can to assist you. Do not forget to ask them daily for their assistance, but also I wish to speak to you of your own personal guides.

Do not forget to call upon them for they are fully your other half. They are at your disposal. Yes, we all work with you this entire council. You are our representatives upon the chosen earth, but understand your guides are there. There are many of you who have fallen into the mistaken belief that to work with the ascended masters and the mighty ones makes you some how holier. This is not the case, dear child. It is not a pecking order. It is a circle. So we come to you in this day of miracles. In this decade of transformation you are at midpoint. You, my children, have said yes and opened the doors in your hearts. That is why we have taken people this year from all parts of the world; from Africa, from the Middle East and the Far East, from Europe. You have come and joined us on the altar of love. Now let us see how we will create together upon this planet. If you have not done so, dear heart, take time this day to decide. Yes, clearly decide, not in supplication, but in prayer and intent and in stillness decide what your action and contribution and miracle will be for this year. We are listening. You are loved.

It is my honor to be the one to step forward this day. I am spokes being for this council, which means, dear heart, I am your sister. I stand next to you in this circle. Take my hand. Let peace reign upon earth as we shower you with blessings. Farewell.