I am Maria of Guadalupe, sister of the desert where fertility reigns. I have come long ago, and I come yet again to help transform the Earth.

I wish to speak this night of power, a word that is often avoided. It is the power of love, and it is the power of creation, and it is the power of miraculous change. It is an aspect those who tread gently upon the Earth – yes, yes, you my sweet angels – often avoid. It is an illusion that has been grasped at, embraced, enshrouded in greed and lust and destruction of Mother Earth, and it cannot be permitted any longer. It is that simple.

And so I come to you to speak to you of your power, and your power to create with me and Mother Earth, to restore her back to her beauty, and to repay with our kindness the nurturing she has bestowed upon us for eons. Earth is the most patient Mother in the Universe. She has birthed you as clearly as the Mother of the Universe has birthed this planet.

Those who have sought power, and done so in the illusion, are grasping at straws, paper tigers, and that illusion disappears from the Earth. The power is the power of unification, of connectedness, of balance, of knowing and loving the fullness of who you are, and from that place to love everything else. There is no place for judgment, who deserves and who does not, that is absurd. All are equally welcome.

When the Mother had a problem with one of her archangels, she did not turn away. She sent her mighty Michael to gather him up and bring him home. And like the lost lamb, it was celebrated and was all the sweeter for the reintegration. It did not mean allowing the darkness to reign. It meant to shed light and to bring love. That is the true depth and height of power that sits in each and every one of you. You have shied away from power because of the example of the illusion of separation. But it is an illusion to be eliminated, plain and simple. Poof!

So when we ask you to begin with your heart’s desire, it is the deep recognition of birthright to step forward and to claim not only the mantle of abundance, but, yes, that of responsibility. And it is responsibility of play, of laughter, of restoration of beauty and truth. There is no power greater than that which lies within your heart. That is the essence of peace, and from that comes the shift. It is not by cataclysm or hurricane, it is not by earthquake; the Earth has not shrugged you off, you only shrug each other off.

So embrace each other and embrace yourself. Step forward with me, my beloved ones. When you are uncertain, as poor Juan Diego was, you may say this within your heart “it is all right, it does not matter”. In that way I can help, and that is my desire. That is my intent as your Mother.

Go with peace and prepare to play. Farewell.