In a recent Saturday conference call, Albert Einstein spoke to us about the intgration process that is creating so much havoc with many of us. He guides us through a simple exercise for the integration of our body, soul and soul design. Once again Einstein refers to the incomplete nature of his work and encourages us to look beyond.

I am Albert (Einstein). I want to talk to you and I thank you this day for allowing me to come, and I have honored the Council. The Council of Love for this gift for I am no master. I am a spirit of soul in essence like you, and I have been scientist and philosopher, and I have given this planet of Earth many things, many understandings – some of them wise and good, and some of them not. It is important during this time, my friends, for you to understand people who prefer not to, but there is more to come. I wish to speak to you this day as fellow journeymen. I have asked to speak about the integration and it is the integration and the stillpoint that I have spoken of so many times, but I do so in the context of the Laws that Sanat Kumara has taught you, and particularly the Law of Change, the constant in this universe. Understand there is always movement and change. Slow is the beauty of the dance, and it is the dance of love and it is the dance of the universe. Even when you go to the stillpoint it is very minute, microscopic, a millisecond, and even that is in the slow of the movement of change. It is the center of the infinite sign; the dense of ebb and flow of male and female; above and below, and it does not matter how you look at it.

The picture that I have given you (E = MC2) has been a picture, a snapshot within the continuum of time and space of your third dimension on Earth, and it holds true when it is applied within that context. But it is not applicable or useful throughout the universe, for the universe is much more expansive than that. However, I do not wish to speak in science this day. I wish to speak to you as a brother, and for you to understand what is going on with this current integration.

Think of a three-sided dressing table – they were very popular in my time. They had mirrors on each side of them, so there were three reflections, one on each side and one in the center. Think of each portion as reflecting a part of you. On the right hand side is your soul design; in the middle your self in physical form as you are at this moment; and on the left, your soul – that aspect of your being that has carried forward for many many lifetimes.

So, your right hand side is a reflection of the fullness of your soul design – all you are, all you have ever been, as you were as you departed from the heart of One, the Mother/Father essence; what you chose to bring along with you. For that is the fullness of your soul design, and it has only been revealed into the fullness of your conscious sphere in recent years. Yes, I have come to understand the continuum of time, and let me tell you, my friends, two years is nothing. This soul design is relatively new information to you. Even within the scientific community two years would be still experimental. So you are experimenting with the soul design and trying it on, and bringing it in.

Within the main body of your mirror see your beautiful self. I have always thought how interesting it is that variety of shapes and sizes, colors and attributes, that the human race has chosen, and I think that even more as I see throughout the planetary systems. There is much variation on Earth and it is quite splendid. So look at the body you have chosen, the persona that you have brought in for this lifetime. Look at yourself and look deep in your eyes and see the person and soul that you are. To be in your body and to be on Earth is a big gift. The human form is often under appreciated by humanity. This has been particularly true of lightworkers, for you have spent much more time appreciating the spiritual side of your being than the physical vessel that you had chosen, and it is that separation that has caused anxiety and difficulties in moving forward, particularly in this creation work.

Now, on the left side of your mirror see the soul that you have carried forward to this lifetime. Understand when your soul came forward for this (and many) lifetime, the knowing and the reflection of your full soul design was not present. Many of you think, “oh, I have carried forward so many injuries”, but truly you have brought forward not only the injuries, but the paramedic, the dirt, the burdens, everything that you think of in many languages in many traditions. All this is in fact resting in your soul in that 3rd reflection. So make sure you are paying attention to that. Now, I am not wishing to create further separation, it is simply for you to understand the concept that there are three parts of you, that you are a trinity. You have body, mind, and soul, but think of yourself in this trinity as well, for this is part of your difficulty right now.

We have spoken to you about this grid, about this universal grid, the grid of your own being. The grid of this planet that is beautiful and golden platinum. Sometimes it is flashing in bronze and copper as well, sometimes white gold or titanium. That is particularly true where there are difficulties -(what you think are trouble spots or hot spots. That is why when you look, for example, toward the east, that it looks a little different. Do not make a mistake in thinking that, that is tarnished or gray. It is simply that it has received deeper reinforcements. The universal grid and your own grid for that matter are not being tampered with. That is an illusion and an excuse that you all love to use. It is not true. It is not scientific either. It is your creation, from the thought patterns of your mind.

What I want you to do is to pull the images of yourself in all three of these mirrors into one image. You cannot join in the unity of the human race or the interplanetary system unless your full self is unified. So, as there is a slight feeling of dancing through the currents of time and space and a pulling, a magnetic pull towards the center columns, think of your chakras or your spinal column, and pull in to your full soul design, and pull in this poor soul that has also been suffering throughout many lifetimes into your physical body. Now, this is the problem because many of you are trying to ignore your souls, you are pulling in your soul design but you are ignoring your soul that you have had in existence for a long time. That is why many of you are sick. There have been injuries and many of you do not want to look at the one that has been sick, which has been tortured and mutilated. You do not wish to look at those aspects of you that perhaps were not so pretty. But, all pain cannot be released unto the light unless it is first pulled in to your sacred portal. This is my advice to you. It is yet another creation exercise.

What you are doing is you are pulling in your soul and your full soul design to the center of this physical being and it does not matter whether you call it Beth or Linda or Neisha, for it is true for all interplanetary beings as well as for you have assumed this form on Earth. Pull the left and right images to the center of your heart, to the stillpoint. Yes, I will always swing back to the stillpoint for that is the place of creation. Understand, as you are pulling in (and this is where my law of E = MC2 is not accurate) the energy picks up speed. Allow it to happen. Sometimes it is moving so fast through the spectrum of time and space you will not see it integrate. It does not matter, it still exists. Yes, simply because you do not have the equipment does not mean it is not there. So, pull it in, pull both of these aspects in, the wholeness of your core, your center. Stop doing with one aspect at a time – that is a waste of your energy. Pull all aspects in to the stillpoint and hold them there in love. And from that place let the new you, the recreation of the new essence of your being in the physical form come forward and be born.

This is where I make big mistakes sometimes. For I will talk philosophy and then I will talk science. Sometimes I would keep them separate. When I tried to teach that they were all one, sometimes I was scoffed at and then I would separate them again. It is a little bit of what you have been doing. It is not a way to live on this Nova Earth, this Nova planet that you have been gifted, and that you are creating. It is a great time to be alive, it is a privilege. The murders and the thieves, the rapists, they will enjoy this planet with you as they integrate. So share this process far and wide for it is necessary. This planet is a place of Love. It is not an exclusive club, all are welcome. All you have me to do now is to hold the light. What you think of as work is done, just rest and simply to integrate. Then from that place to go forward in a life that is filled with action from the place of simply being. It is not a life that is to be filled with struggle, for that is of the old paradigm. You must release this struggle, you must release fear. Yes, I can say much because I am not a Master. I speak to you as human-to-human, heart to heart. I thank you, my friends, my brothers and sisters of Council for allowing me to speak this day. You are the scientists and the philosophers, the creators. Now, remember the most interesting thing about quantum physics was the unseen. The ability to create much of what motivates your planet comes from sheer energy of Love. Good-bye.

Channeled by Linda Dillon