Greetings, I am Gabriel. I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, Messenger of God. Welcome my dearest friends welcome to this Council of Love. And welcome to your heart. I gather here this day with many, with St. Francis and St. Theresa, St. Bernadette. I gather with the keepers of the flame of earth. For we celebrate this planet that the Mother has blessed, and that has reborn under grace into Love.

Dear ones, let us begin by telling you that the grids that we have installed years ago in Michigan for entire planets still hold, as do each one of your grids upon the universal net. This does not change. Many of you have asked for me to speak this day about the changes upon the planet during this period of cosmetic repair, that is why I begin this way. Understand, the repairs that happen upon the planet, the cosmetic surgery are mirrors and are in tandem with you. The planet is intact. She has new retinue, of keepers of the flame. The earth keepers who now stand around these fires are from all galaxies, all universes. It does not matter whether they’re Aucturian or Pleadian. It does not matter whether they are from CeeCeeCee or far from beyond Andromeda. They have come to attend to the earth, and in doing so they attend to thee. Yes, the unified courses of the outer galaxies stand above you in guidance, protection and non-interference.
Understand those who have taken the position of keepers of the flame, those who have volunteered and replaced the original keepers have very particular interest in keeping this planet intact. Much of the adjustment to the planet, the geophysical adjustment, has been taken care of; the cataclysmic changes that were foretold many years ago have been prevented. But let us be clear there is still emotional clearing for this planet to go through, and for each one of you as well. You cannot be raped, pillaged, mutilated, ignored, smeared with garbage and feces and not be a little upset. And this continues. It does not just continue through war, but also through nuclear testing, dump sites, polluted water, and fouled streams. The land is barren.
The purpose of this Council is not to be your national or international or universal geological society. The purpose of prediction as we tell you so often in individual channelings is not for you to run and hide. Prediction is meaningless because of the choice of mankind. So when we speak to you geological events we do so solely for one purpose, and that is that you will send, be reminded to send healing, love, support, nurturing to this planet that has housed you for billions of years. We ask you to become Earth’s nursemaid and mother, and return unto her the healing that is required. None of you in any reality or any existence has ever persevered or undergone such trauma as this planet. Part of your agreement with the Universal Mother in returning was to help with the healing of the planet. The mission of restoring a planet, and the unfoldment of the plan go hand in hand.
People will come and go by the millions children, the planet will remain. Will there be geophysical upset? We reassure you there will be. The hurricanes, the tidal waves, the earthquakes, the drought, will continue. Earth is adjusting her physical self. If you were misaligned, we would not say to you dear child do not go to the chiropractor, do not go to the massage therapist, do not go to the acupuncturist, do not go to the medical doctor. Could you just stay sick and take care of me, because I need a little attention? That would be selfish. And none of you are selfish. No, what you would do is say let me help you; let me massage your neck, your streams, your waters, your plates, let me take care of you. Know that I am your humble servant and I love you. That is what is required more than ever before upon this planet. When you hear of nuclear testing, when you hear of drought or famine, when you hear predictions of massive earthquakes, send love.
One of the great benefits of hearing predictions is what it brings up in each one of you. It is a great gift, because if there’s resistance, or fear, or anger, or concern look at it and let it go. Practice where our Lord Buddha has taught us long ago – observe and detach. You cannot be attached to outcome for that is trying to live in the future. And that does not work. All you have is the gift of the present, and that is precious. Trust that you are attended to. We do not put you in harms’ way child and you will be exactly where you have need to be. And it is nothing that you could orchestrate. We can pick you up and put you on Mars for ten minutes if that is what is required.
Pay attention to the aches and pains of your body, for you are a miniature planet, a globe. So when your feet are hurting, for example, look down under as you call it. Look to the south of your globe and see what needs attending there. When your hands hurt, or your joints ache and are arthritic link to the planet and see what is going on for that is simply too much dampness. When you are in your head, no not as in a headache but as ‘in your head’ look to the mental thought patterns that are traveling at the speed of light all over your planet and where there are thoughts of control and manipulation and greed, send light. When your head hurts, when you feel the plates within your own head aching, know that the plates of earth are shifting and send light. That is all you have ever been asked to do. You cannot hold back the tides, nor would you wish to because it is part of the beauty of the planet, it is her rhythm. Yes it is sleeping with an elephant and when she shrugs you feel it. But you would not ask her to not be comfortable. This is your basic lesson, your basic understanding of living in community, in cooperation and partnership. This is the true meaning of symbiosis. You are safe. You are protected. You are held to the heart of mother, father God, and mother, father Earth.
Your contribution children is to send the healing. It is about calming the emotional turmoil that hurts mother Terra. Many of you have lived in homes where there has been nothing but screaming, whether it has been for five minutes or twelve years. It drives you crazy. It is the same with mother Earth. It is driving her mad and she wants it to stop. No, she is not vicious and would never brutalize her children. But she is quietly and emphatically asking people to quiet down, to listen to their hearts, to return to the family of One, of one Earth, living in unity, and peace. Go with my love this day and give your fear unto me as I have given you my courage. Lift up your sword, cut through the illusion of prediction, and see to the heart of the matter, which is healing. Farewell.

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