Greetings I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. There are many who wish to come forward this day, and speak on the content of intent, because it is an area of great concern to us on this side that you truly understand, comprehend, incorporate into your very being the wisdom of intent. So we flipped a coin and I won. It was a golden coin and there are some on this side who would say it was rigged but truly I am the messenger and therefore I am honored to step forward this day. The issue of intent is often misunderstood and it is important in terms of your creation work with us that you have clear understanding.

We use the word intent to incorporate much. Intent may be expressed in many ways – through prayer, meditation, thought, wishing, daydreaming, but never is it expressed, my children, through worry, need, fear, or anger. Expressions of wanting of demanding, commanding are words that are interchangeable with intent. I command, I demand, I intend – and they can only come from the place of Love. For when it is shadowed it is not an alignment with the heart of One. It is not in alignment with your universal sacred self, with Love and with your own soul design.

Intent is the first step in the process of creation. And you say but Gabriel last week you told us to throw away emotion and thought, so I will explain. Intent is the precursor to creation. It is the starting point. If you think of it literally as a straight line it would be the beginning of the line. It is the place where you are deciding, aligning and beginning the process of bringing in. Again we emphasize during this time of co-creation of Nova Earth and creator race that we are not simply speaking of spirituality upon the planet. For dear one you already have that in spades. We are talking about co-creation and emphasizing co-creation of the physical at this time. For it is the time of cosmetic repair surgery of Earth and of each one of you. That is why you are having so many aches and pains and are so tired. You are going through surgery quite literally. Some of you more than others. But I digress and I return to intent.

Intent is not simply saying I intend. And many of you do that. Now we do not chastise or criticize for as you advance in this process it is as simple as that. But it is also exactly the same as my gift of the whoosh. When you intend and this is before you are going to the still point, it is when you are making your decision of that which you wish to bring in, you are bringing your full attention and I know children I tend to talk about full attention often, but I do this because it is important. And it is our dearest wish that this be accomplished in harmony, grace and ease. When you attend, intend, attend, command, demand, you are bringing every particle of your essence body, mind, spirit every level your entire design to that place of intention. You are doing your magnet, you are following at warp speed, you are super gluing yourself to that intention. It is the place where you are beginning your full alignment for it is the place where you are bringing your conscious mind, your sub-conscious and unconscious into the sacred process of creation. There is not a hierarchy in the creation process. The still point is not above the intent. And the intent is not above the action. All these aspects are essential to the equation. But this day we talk about intent.

So when you are intending it means that you have brought yourself in full alignment with the heart of God. And with your heart. Your higher self. And what is for the best and highest good not only of your own being but of this entire planet. Now this can be done in an instant. That is why so often when you say and just stop worrying about it, I intend that it be done. Instantaneously it appears it is because you have achieved that alignment. But for the next little while, while you are learning this with us we wish you to bring your attention your full attention to when you are intending.

When you think of it is as the merger, that we have given you. Given you all. Well in fact we have not given it to you we have been facilitators; it is a gift directly from the heart of one. But never the less when we have given you the (inaudible) to go to the thirteenth octave then we ask you and that is why we have begun this day is to give you deeper understanding of what you are doing. For that is also part and parcel of creation. When you are bringing your fingers together you are bringing all aspects of yourself and your design into alignment and oneness. We ask you to play like children clicking your tongue, understand this is also a mathematical equation of infinite creation. It is a sound and all sounds incorporate not only the ways but also sacred geometry. Geometry is nothing more than mathematics. As your friend Einstein has told you all. So think of it this way dear children, the first click is the expression and the alignment and the declaration of intent.

The second click, is when you drop into your heart. Think of it as if you are a messenger. For it is a good job. You are bringing; you are carrying the intent with you, as you are going and traveling to the still point. You are bringing it to that place and placing it on the altar of one. Once it is placed there you have no longer to think about it or even consider it. Let it go. Surrender. So that second click is when you are going deeper to the still point, releasing the intent and entering into a state of pure being. Of nothingness of union within the heart of one. It is a state of bliss, nirvana, it is home.

Now in terms of this creation piece we wish for you to think of the third click, as when you drop down further into your solar plexus into your (inaudible) and push it out into the physical reality of your planet, your world, your galaxies and your universe. And believe you me, children there are many waiting to catch that prize. And to deliver it back unto thee in physicality.

So yes, know that this knee jerk can also be used for purposes of creation. And it is that fast for I have told you I am the impatient archangel. Still ones like you I have waited for eons for this time. For the unfoldment of the mother. But the keys to heaven are trust and forgiveness. The keys to earth are creation and action. It is in the anchoring of our creation with you that truly earth is restored. That the light of love shines and as it does it shines into all galaxies all reality. And will be duplicated far beyond your imagination. It is time my children it is time to join with us.

Now I wish to speak to you briefly about action. Because action is the key ingredient as well. And action obviously is present throughout all phases of this creation. Action is present in intent as you go to the still point, as you move from the still point. But when we speak of the action of projection into the world, it is doing something literal. Now many times my children action is surrender. That is the most important action many of you can ever achieve and take. It is absolute surrender and letting go. Release into the heart of God and to this universe. That which you have asked for, for when you hold onto it tight you constrict all movements and abilities to produce. And if we are a team, we need some latitude. So part of the action is surrender and letting go. It is also partnered with a physical action in terms of bringing in symbolically or otherwise that which you wish to achieve. So for example, if you wish to achieve a new job a new career and never formulate a resume we’re going to have a problem. So there are responsibilities of both parties you and I in this process. You have need to take the physical actions that are appropriate to your planet and to your reality. And we will take care of the rest. It is instantaneous. Yes there has been a question about instantaneous and we understand there’s difficulty in translating. When there has been gazillion of eons, instant is a matter of interpretation but we do mean rapid. It may not be in the very moment, the next moment when you open your eyes. For who wants a job when they’re still in their pajamas? But it will be quickly. And that is also part of your intent. When you are gluing it part of what you are saying is not simply I want a job. It is saying I want a job by next Thursday. I want a job by next year. Those are very different statements. Make your intention known. And understand my dear children, because you are in alignment you are always declaring yourself and saying yes dear ones but let it be in my highest good and the highest good of this entire planet from Saddam to George. Then let it go. Throw open your arms and prepare to receive. For as many of you have learned when one doorway closes, yes when one box closes another opens. So yes, know this. And know that you are progressing magnificently. We are singing your praises. We are joining with you. Know this children. And go in peace. Farewell.

You are so welcome. (inaudible) she’s pretty darn clear. No questions. It’s really cool that intent is like the glue, it’s like the whoosh. I mean that’s what it is and that’s why once you’ve done it it’s like don’t take it back don’t think about it, don’t worry about it. That was huge information last time we got together. It’s like don’t charge it, don’t charge it before don’t charge it after just let it go. Wow. Okay. Happy to oblige ma’am. Yeah.

Okay. I think that happens but you got it. You know. Yeah. It’s and I think more and more they’re really asking us like it is this (inaudible) of our conscious and it’s funny it’s like they really don’t want us to be fully conscious like they want us to know how it works consciously but then they don’t really like be dwelling on it. It’s almost like they’re flirting with it and I know we’ve talked about this before but it’s almost when it’s a passing thought and you think, and you know and it can be and that was good to hear is that it can be as simple as you know I’d really like that and it just passes in, out and it’s like an intention. And boom it’s done.