I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Law. Welcome, for we have gathered the Supreme Court here today. We are pleased to see finally so many women on the bench. I come, my friends, to talk to you about the laws of creation. Throughout all universes and forms and all dimensions and all realities, I am the keeper of the laws, not the creator of the laws, but the keeper. As are each of you. But in order for each of you to proceed as beacon and pillar of truth, need to understand these laws. So I come briefly this day to talk to you about three different aspects of the laws of creation. This is not new information, but it is to clarify.

We will discuss how to create and this has always been so, and these are the laws that are applicable to your planet and galaxy and universe. So, it is important to adhere for this is also in keeping with as above, so below, as within, so without. There is the Law of Elimination.

That my good friend, Albert (Einstein), has spoken to you of. And this is to truly let go. It is a very interesting concept that human beings have developed that the One Source of All is capable of creating everything, but not capable of getting rid of it. There’s a problem here. So, we come to speak to you of the ability to eliminate.

The fundamental of creation, and it matters not which application you are using, all creation takes place at the stillpoint of nothingness. How you eliminate is by entering in, by spiraling into the place of stillness. It is a counter-clockwise motion, and if you wish to think of it as a place within your physical form, it is deep within the center of your heart. But, it is the place where you stop. Energy is always in motion if it is not at stillpoint. There is always the ebb and flow, that is what the infinity symbol reminds you of. But, at the center of the infinity is the stillpoint, a microsecond; it is not measurable in your time. But, let us reassure you of its existence because for human beings at this point of evolution, reaching the stillpoint is the most difficult chore and task of all. But, yes, you are sufficient to the task. You go to the place of stillness and then through an act of alignment and union with Divine Will (think of it as the two energies coming together in perfect stillness), there is the explosion, the implosion and that energy disappears. This method of creation/elimination is not always used because often at the kernel, the seed of the energy, there is something worth preserving. However, it is an essential tool for nova man because there are many patterns upon this planet that have need to simply disappear. When one is plagued time and time again by the same issue, it is an act of mercy to help the individual eliminate it. That work is advanced healing, but first, you learn to do this for yourself. That is the law of elimination.

Very often, simultaneously, again within a measure of time again, by an act of will in alignment with the Divine, there is creation of new energy. Galaxies are born every day you can create a little something for yourself. But, it is not to be achieved without the alignment. Divine Mind to your mind. Divine Heart and love to yours. And, Divine Will into human reality and form. That is why we encourage you so strongly to dream, to think of what you wish. What is your deepest desire to see in your own life and on the earth? What could you contribute today? You don’t need to wait. And we ask of you to start with yourself, yes, peace on earth would be grand. And, you will get to it. But, peace within your own being would be the start. So begin. And I will help you, I will teach you.

The Law of Dissipation is very similar and also known as the Law of Transmutation. Lao Tzu has given you his pearl of wisdom. That is why so many of you are seeing luminescent light. When you are working on anything that needs to be removed, but not eliminated, because the core that started it was grist for creation, you help clear, release and destroy. That issue, that cancer, that situation. You bring it down to the finest kernel, to that grain of sand that began as purity. And from that, you allow it to recreate into something of beauty. I give you an example. There are many people on earth who have great issues of abandonment and self-worth. It did not start that way. It started as knowing in angelic form, that assuming a human body was an act of absolute love. But, when they arrived on Earth and looked around, and were not acknowledged, that way of Love, the sense of separation, the illusion of abandonment grew. But, the kernel, the core knowing, was a thing of beauty. So, you clear away the debris and you bring it back to the essence that was in knowing of Love, and a longing and expectation for a physical experience of love. Then, you allow the person to begin to recreate, to begin to receive mirrors and affirmations, situations and people into their life that are genuine. So, you transmute, you dissipate what is not useful, down to the purity that is already within them. It can be done with a smile with a gesture. It matters not. That is the law of dissipation.

There is a third and related law, that relates to the ever presence of what is within you. You have received the fullness of your soul design, and within that, there is much that you have never accessed or even tried to, that you are not even aware of. Every now and then, you have said to all of us, “Why can I not be thinner? Why can I not be taller? Why can I not have brown hair, blonde hair, red hair? Why can I not be an artist and poet? Physician and scientist?” And we say to you, that you already are. This is the Law of Instantaneous Transmission. Again, you are going to the stillpoint. You are finding within your soul design, that which has always been present and now is fully activated and simply turning a switch. That is the image we wish you to save – turn the car key, turn on a light switch. To bring forward that which you are seeing, that is already deep within. If the desire to create such an aspect of yourself is present, then it is within you. You are imprinted from the heart and mind and essence of the Divine. There are parts of your being that you will never bring in, but that you have witnessed on your planet, such as people growing tails. There is much present within your being, your DNA, that you choose not to activate at this time. Be careful what you are doing; be prudent in what you experiment with. We give you this tool because we trust you. We have always trusted you. As we have always loved you. And, somewhere in the corner of our being, even as you have shouted at Heaven, we have known that you love us. That we are one in heart. We will work with these laws to help you understand how things work because we truly wish you to know. Go, my brothers and sisters, in joy and laughter. We will add create, create, create.
Fair well.