Greetings from the Council of Love. I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, and Heroine of God. Have you ever wondered child why I introduce myself in such a flamboyant manner? Do you think I come from a place of audacity, pride or strength? Do you question my purpose in speaking this way? I declare myself clearly as the vehicle of God that I am; to be entirely clear with you and this entire planet about on whose behalf I speak this day and always. I declare myself in the name of One because I rejoice in the gifts of Love that have been bestowed upon me, and that I have had the wisdom to accept. I am the messenger of One and the message is Love.

This message has not changed in the many many eons of existence. It certainly has not changed in the past thousand years. This message was of such importance to the very survival of the human species that our Father and Mother sent their Son to deliver it to humankind. They sent their Son in human form that there could be no misunderstanding, no cultural barrier. He spoke plainly in the language of the day, the metaphor of the time. The message was exceedingly clear and straightforward. Love yourself as God loves you and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Yet still you do not fully listen, fully comprehend. So we try again. This effort is my undertaking, the undertaking of the Archangels and the entire Council of Love. It is Victory 2000, our pledge to God that this will be the time when all humans consciously declare themselves, when each and every being on Earth votes with head and heart for Love.

You have been told that time does not exist on this side but that is an incomplete understanding. It is more accurate to say that we are not constrained by time or matter within this realm, and that the measurement of time is very different. However, we are extremely aware of linear time on planet Earth for that is part of the grand plan, the Divine Unfoldment. Time is an aspect of your dimension, exactly the way in which the ability to operate outside of time is an aspect of our reality. So I come this day of new time to discuss this very matter in the context of the key issue of Earth today, Love. You have had a thousand years to chew over and digest the messages of Love which have been delivered “up close and personal” to the human race. That is one thousand years, ignoring the several thousand milleniums you had to think over this way of existence beforehand. It is time to decide, to declare yourselves, and elect to live in Love. It is time to wake up.

How do I do this, you ask. How do I express this amorphous illusive concept that lingers in my heart? How do I show that I truly elect to align and live in the grace of God, in unity and connection to all? Gabriel, how can I do this for I am just a poor being uncertain of my way and unworthy of love, unworthy of being one with God. To these concerns I shake my head in wonder – how can you question your place in the heart of One, how can you even begin to think that you do not have adequate vehicle to express the Love? What kind of Father/Mother God do you believe reigns that would not sufficiently supply you with everything you need to complete this most important mission in the Universe? Your race has accomplished so much in the past thousand years and yet it has accomplished very little. Love does not reign in your world, compassion is not the standing order of the day, and Love your neighbor and YOURSELF is not practiced as first, second and last nature. Nevertheless, regardless of these circumstances, I am here this day, in this time and moment to answer your question of how and why.

How you express your decision to elect Love, to join the Love crusade, to vote for Victory 2000 is to simply say yes. That is all that is truly required. It is not difficult but it must be spoken from the heart, exhibited from the soul and demonstrated in each and every action, thought, word and deed for the rest of your time on Earth and beyond. It is an absolute acceptance of the Love that God, the Universe and I my sweet children of Joy have for you. No, not for the human race but for you, the individual miracle of Love that you are. You are a creation unique in the Universe birthed from the heart of One. In all time past and future you my sweet child have never and will never exist again in this form and in this moment. You have been given this form and moment by the One for one purpose – to experience in physical form the miracle of love. I beg of you to choose this experience for it is incomparable. It is the answer to every silent prayer your heart has ever whispered, the answer to the biggest hope and dreams you can imagine – peace on Earth, prosperity and abundance – for these are in keeping with the Divine plan. You were not created to cry alone in the Dark. You were created to be a physical manifestation of Love. You are Love incarnate. Please enter your heart, feel my plea and believe.

I hear your cry for help; your wholehearted wish to believe and join me. I feel your fear to trust and let go, to fully choose Love with the understanding of the implications that decision will have upon your very life. You yearn to say Yes! And I will tell you how. The greatest obstacle to your acceptance of Love is not fear, which is only an attention-getting device. Your greatest obstacle to accepting the miracle of who you are is your individual and collective belief systems about self-worth. You believe that you are stained with original sin, ongoing sin, daily trespasses and on and on until you weigh one thousand pounds. Those of you who do not believe in these oh so antiquated notions have adopted the sophistication of nihilism. Both are the same. You have belief systems that require you to earn Love, earn a place in heaven, to be deserving of God’s Love. This is old thinking that serves no one and we invite you to trash it. No, not recycle in your ever so efficient modern way so that you can reclaim it ten minutes later. But to absolutely completely eliminate this garbage from your being. It is mistaken information wrought by power hungry men and it must go. Upon your Earth you have contraptions that incinerate hazardous wastes. These machines burn at such a high temperature that not only is the threatening substance eliminated but also there is no evidence remaining, not even ash. My friends I ask of you this day to place your misguided belief systems into the Universal incinerator, Dante’s inferno. These belief systems are your hell; they damn you to a life of limitation, a life of illusion, a life of suffering.

How you eliminate this blockage is extremely complicated and involves complex ritual, self-flagellation, abstinence and penance. How this life of self-perpetuated misery is changed is by taking one minute and saying yes! I do not care whom you address this yes to; it can be God, Jesus, or the Universal Mother Mary. Address your response to me and I will deliver it. The key component of this declaration is that you deliver it to yourself, to and from thy own sacred being and heart. You must mean it now and forever. With that heartfelt yes, I will descend upon you and assist in the final removal of these false belief systems from your entire being. I am the administrator of God; I will bring to bear to you all that is required to heal your being, to restore your heart, to align you with your Divine blueprint, and to eradicate these memories of lack. I will be proud in the service of One to act a trashman. This role would be my pride and joy for I will then have fulfilled my pledge.

Once you have eliminated the self-defeating illusions regarding worth, you are free to fly, to soar with the Dove. The fire of the Dove will renew you, the air of these lofty heights restore you, the expansion of view exhilarate you. These false images of God and Universe have clouded your view; this is what is meant by the veils. With the removal of the veil you will see unobscured Love and be free to proceed with a life that is in alignment with your true self.

Perhaps you wonder why I Gabriel make this pledge of Victory 2000. Why do I elect to step forward now, to speak to you thus? Is it because mankind is on the brink of extinction; is it the time of Armageddon? These questions are formulated from old thinking. Albeit the human race has done much to force the planet and all upon her towards the precipice. The miraculous inventions you have created have been without safety valves. They have not been created against the litmus test of Love. In creating atomic power plants that are not capable of transferring into the new millennium you have created a hazardous waste situation beyond your frail manipulative powers to control. It will indeed require external intervention. But that is not why I have undertaken this crusade. I have undertaken this crusade because you, each and every one of you, are my charges, my children, and my responsibility. Responsibility is a gift from One and is to be taken Lightly but not casually. It is time to awake from your deep sleep of inadequacy, and there is sufficient momentum upon the Earth for this to now occur. Much has been accomplished by those upon the Earth in holding and griding the vibration of Love. I undertake this pledge in service to the One, to humankind, to the Earth and the Universe. I undertake this Love crusade to manifest the promise of peace on Earth now, not in another thousand years. I undertake Victory 2000 because it is possible, because you are ready, and because it is in keeping with the miracles unfolding upon your planet.

There are those upon your Earth that you call Lightworkers. Know that in our terminology these ones encompass each and every being who lives in accordance with Love. It has nothing to do with religion, as you know it or with what you believe is the understanding of how the Universe works. It has to do with the holding of Love within the heart and acting accordingly. It has to do with acting from a place of heart rather than ego. This implies a life of service, a willingness and commitment to walk a path that many see as uninviting, ridiculous or puzzling. It implies living in a courageous manner in which every action is weighed by whether it is of the Love, does it promote Love; is it for the good of the whole? It implies going beyond the self, and this is made possible because the individual self absolutely knows that it is loved, safe and attended to. It means breaking all the rules, pushing yourself far beyond what you previously thought yourself capable of. It means becoming a miracle worker on Earth. No, not an alchemist but a worker of the miracles of heart, of Love. The greatest miracles ever performed upon Earth were not the raising of the dead or turning water into wine but the Love held for one being for another. These transubstantiations were performed out of Love and concern for others, not simply to demonstrate the art of the possible.

I, Gabriel undertake Victory 2000 because I love you and wish to please the Father/Mother. Like your concepts of time on this side, there are many opinions held upon your plane about emotion as well. Let me clear with you my brothers and sisters that emotion and choice does exist upon this plane, but in its purest sense. Because we have placed ourselves beyond the choice of whether or not to align with One, with Love, does not infer that we have no choice. Because we have made that fundamental decision and alignment in first instance, there is a Universe of choice available to us. All we do is reflective and of the Love, but the choices of how are infinite. As central administrator I coordinate those choices for the One, and every now and then I align these forces to participate in one of my choices. Such is the case now with this undertaking upon Earth.

Emotion is heartfelt to full capacity. Not in the sense of shallow self-indulgence but in the sense of participating in the Unfoldment of the Plan, of reflecting the Joy and Grace of One. Never think or believe for one moment that the grief, burden, guilt and agony of Earth are not experienced. They are observed and incorporated into our beings, no, not as the baser emotion but as the huge emotion of the pain of lack of love that you collectively are experiencing. This grieves the heart of One and of each of us to see that you do not know the gift of Love that is your birthright. It is the plan gone awry in the most basic sense to see humankind bereft of Love and behaving in manners that are so self-destructive. Any action, from the annihilation of a race to self-abuse, is a pain in the heart of One. Do not comfort yourselves with the delusion that these actions have no impact elsewhere and are not experienced as emotion by all who serve. They are.

It is for this reason I undertake Victory 2000. I wish to see each of you restored to Love, to wholeness, and to the knowing of the wonder of your being. In so doing I create joy throughout the Universe and magnify that Love within the heart of One, of All. This magnifies and intensifies the Love throughout the Universe – and so it goes. Why now? You have had one thousand years since the last dramatic interventions, you have had time to discover your way, but my children you are still lost in the maze of illusion. I come now to ease the heart of the Father/Mother. To ease the heart of the Son. And to ease the heart of each of you. Join with me in the wildfire campaign of Love. Change the Earth. You and I have a year. Together we can accomplish miracles.

I, Gabriel, on behalf of the entire Council of Love, beckon you to Sedona to begin this Crusade of Love, Victory 2000. We gift you with wings that you may soar and join us in this wondrous undertaking. We give you wings that you may fly free, your heart ringing with the truth of existence. We give you wings that you will finally release what you truly believe is the gravity of your situation and of Earth. Let us begin this journey of transformation together.

Join with me my children and choose. Choose Love.

Channelled by Linda Dillon