I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. Welcome! We come here this day to discuss with you the performance of earth in the first year and her new role within intergalactic federation. For the function of earth now comes to clarity. For this will be the way station of experimentation of different hybrids, new technology, and new lifestyles. It is the earth of love and compassion and now it has not been this for many eons.

For there have been many who have inhabited this planet who have starved to death, who have been mutilated and killed in the war, who have annihilated themselves, who have maimed and murdered each other. It is time for this to change. The forces have held in this country all kinds of examples when a shift may take place, first and foremost in this area in new Jerusalem, for this primary example. It is a place where there is to be revisited, free exchange back and forth between all races and all colors. So be prepared my friends for visitors. Many of you have already have experienced this, but it has been cloaked and hidden from your populous at large. In this upcoming time it will shift. It is time for you to consciously know your brethren, your brothers, and sisters of the stars, for it is part and parcel of being integrated within the Federation that there be a conscious knowing and cooperation between races, species, cultures. The technology as you would think of it from afar, is already being implanted and shared on your earth. You may anticipate huge explosions within communication industries for access into the universal Internet. This has need to be, for you have need to be in communication with your brothers and sisters, not only country to country, individual to individual. Your e-mail will take a new meaning.

As earth steps into her new self and knows a contour shift as well, you become your future. Yes, you become your wingmaker self and know it will not take 800 years, but eight months. The capsules are being opened to you. No, not as a media attraction, but to each of you in your conscious and unconscious nights. Pay attention! There is need for this energy to be utilized for instant manifestation, for transportation of molecules to matter. It’s not a difficult process, it is simply an embedded genetic belief that it is not possible for you to accomplish. That is silly. So you ask why. Why are these gifts being shared? You ask not from fear but merely curious as children. Where there is a planet of love, where there is an opening of heart, there is a concomitant and equal opening within the Universe. So there will be expansion of your ability to understand information and the transmission of information. It is a gift that is appropriate to your time as you would think of it. Many of you who come from the stars who have been on the ships of my sons are being called to return to the ship for reactivation, for opening to conscious awareness. No, this is not to be done during sleep. This is to be done during awakening hours where you are fully aware of what you are being asked to do. So there will be a shift in this regard as well. Many galaxies watch this unfolding and have come to participate in this time and event. You have need to prepare yourself for this visitation, the same way you would prepare yourself for a visit from friends. The opening of earth has impact far beyond what you imagine. For this energy is transmitted throughout galaxies that you have never dreamed of. That is why we are here to observe and to assist, to be present when we wake up, to welcome you back. I step aside, but know we are with you.

I am Wa’ka”na’taka and so I visit you again upon the earth, for I have kept watch over my new keepers for the new ancient one who holds the flame of the Mother and this transition continues and you are doing well. I have joined the Federation to ensure the transition of earth and the transition of many, many planet and solar systems. It is what we have dreamed of, the age and time. Look at your night sky. They are changing. Your friends are no longer hidden. There are several of you who have need to know that the Mother cries for you, and it is time for your to accept the passing of the torch for you to remain as Earth’s Keepers, deciding to stay upon this earth. It is your purpose, the chosen mission. It’s surprising that you have not been told before. So I beckon to you again this day. I also wish for you to know that you are not junior partner in this intergalactic federation, but full participant. It has need to be front and center in both your mind and heart and not be a vague thought. Know this.

I am Sanat Kumera, old friend keeper of the law on earth and beyond. The law of the universe is balanced, and you cannot enter into partnership with your intergalactic friend or each other without this. For many of you have skirted the law during this life. You are prepared to give and give and give but turn away from receiving. Now I ask you, what shall I do? Shall I arrest you? I think not. I am here to remind you of the two sides of your being and you cannot live in one area. You cannot live in spirit and be in a physical body. You must do both. You cannot live in only a part of yourself. You cannot love another without cherishing yourself. What you create within will be what is. That is why you have worked with Gabrielle in this past year to relinquish your lack of worthiness that you may know that you are prepared to go forward. My request of you lawbreakers is simple. I wish for you to eliminate this phrase, “but” from your very soul, your essence. It was not our invention, it was yours. Relinquish it. I will remind you daily with my golden flame to let go of this limitation. This sense of limitation is causing upheaval throughout the universe. Please do it not only for yourselves but for many. Allow this creation to take place. There are no exceptions, such as the dispensation you believe you have given. Now in the spirit of partnership, I ask you to receive. You have accomplished much my friends from any perspective, from Venus, from Mars, from the ship, and from the center of your earth. You have done well. But it is not enough. You have need to expand some. You have need to experience the wholeness of your own potential. Know this. It is time of the transformation and it is the time for the return of many to this place, this dimension, and to this planet. I suggest you stay and enjoy the party. Join with us daily. It is not the Law that has need to be balancing every moment of the day. You can take time out and simply live it, to catch up on news from abroad, to enjoy the peace of quiet conversation with your friends. For they are being broadcast clearly to each of you. Do not worry if you think your transmitter is out of order. It will be adjusted, and it is activated now. I also step aside.

I am Maitreya. Once again, for I much to say these days for I take advantage of my opportunity to have you here with me. For I am excited. I am excited about opening and potential. I am excited about my arrival and not just as the crow. I am excited about the arrival of my brother Jesus Sananda who now returns to earth. I am excited that you will be here to welcome him, to walk with us, to sit with us and resolve this issue of self worth. It is the bane of human existence and it is an illusion. I do not come to speak about issues of self worth though, I come to speak about issues of materialization, and it is time for each of you to begin to grab from the thin air what you need. Stop thinking you cannot do this. I suggest the first thing you grab from thin air is yourself and bring yourself home and bring yourself into your body and live your life fully and wholly as you are intended. No, not as we intend, but as you chose to upon return. You came to the land of plenty not to be greedy, but to experience human comfort yourself. Not to the exclusion of kindness, warmth, charity, love, compassion, grace. But to be graceful does not mean to live without. There’s nothing graceful about that. Choose your partners wisely. Choose everyone on the planet and then choose those who are close to you, for this is your community, your family and your loved ones. Choose wisely whom you choose to take to join with for this merger of energies. It is sacred. Choose wisely whom you will break bread with for this sharing of abundance and self. Choose wisely who will you be. I do not tell you for this is your discovery, but know your essence is grand.