Inspired Self On Demand

Coming Jan. 15, 2018!
Do you want to change your life and be the truth of who you really are? 

This on-demand, self-paced course will transform you from integrated to inspired! From seeker to knower! It will help you discover and engage the full richness of your inspired self, living the life you chose to experience, anchored in your Divine Knowing!

What is your core inspiration? Do you truly know what makes your heart sing? What talents, abilities and actions catalyze and bless you with such a profound sense of gratitude that you are overflowing? Is your innate sense of self so clear that you are absolutely itching to fully engage the world, or perhaps even the universe?

The Inspired Self On-Demand course began as the Integrated Self. Then came the energy, and the information, and the deeper purpose of the class simply exploded – just like your knowing will as you follow this incredible process the COL had laid out.  As the Council began working with me on the content it became clear that the integrated self is the starting point, a necessary precursor to the inspired self. The beginning, not the intended outcome. Deeply understanding all aspects of your sacred self and bringing all those aspects into active integration is the foundation of the inspired self.

So much new information has been brought forth since the original publication of The New You, and, as always, I am anxious to share it with each of you. This journey takes you through familiar territory to new concepts and understandings you have never even dreamed of. The Inspired Self process anchors you in nothing less than the magnificent essence of your being.

The Inspired Self Includes:

Sequential material that guides you through this process of miraculous expansion

  • 4 ninety-minute class videos with Linda
  • 12 (channeled) guided meditations
  • 150+ page Inspired Self study guide
  • Material checklist for each class
  • numerous channelings – video & text
  • attunements & frequency expansions galore
  • private Facebook page to chat with other IS participants

But what does the Inspired Self really offer you?

  • Over-lighting & direct guidance from the Divine Mother & Archangel Uriel
  • Awakening of your Indwelling Spirit
  • Clarity of your sacred mission and purpose
  • Expansion of your Inter-Dimensional Self
  • Deeper knowing and conscious connection to your aspects
  • Deeper understanding and engagement with your Stranger Without & Watcher Within
  • Conscious anchoring & integration of your Admirer & Critic
  • Claiming and living in (assumption of) your Divine Authority
  • Ability to navigate and be in the Mother’s Infinite Ocean of Time
  • Ability to dream with the Mother
  • Inter-weaving of your mission & purpose within the Divine Plan
  • Anchored in the certitude of your profound divine personal knowing
  • Full embrace of your Inspired Self
  • Conscious particpant of the incredible group of pathfinders and wayshowers creating Nova Earth

 This incredible class will go live on Jan. 15, 2018 through our exclusive Council of Love On-Demand website.

This is a personal invitation from my heart to yours to join me as we walk together through the Ascension process. Let’s walk this inspired self path together.

This is a crucial time of growth and amazing expanded opportunities. The Council of Love is offering a depth of understanding and expansions of energy not previously available to us. Will you allow the Council to mentor you through this process?

This gift cannot be overstated. Join the On-Demand Portal as we take this quantum leap of discovery together.

SO… Do you want to change your life and be the truth of who you really are? Of course you do!