Member Guidelines

Thank You for coming together to create a Nova Earth Experience in the here and now. All are invited to participate as we build, not with brick and mortar, but with carefully crafted words, soul sharing and creative vision, a supportive woven tapestry of loving hearts. We ask your help in keeping this community strong, vital, inclusive and expansive. The COL Community guidelines have been created to ensure we, together, make this a safe space, a home with a warm hearth. We welcome your bright light and value your thoughtful contributions. Please return the favor to all when posting and commenting. Our motto is “Heart Speaking and Heart Listening.”

Be Respectful

We invite kindness and compassion for yourself and others when adding a new post, asking a question, or commenting on another’s thoughts. Remember constructive comments encourage our connectivity.
Snark, spam or offensive posts will be immediately deleted.

Provide Context

Members, please feel free to share your links and resources enriching the experience for all, but please add some commentary or context so we understand why you care about this particular topic or article. We want to know your opinions and see your expressions not just a copy and paste from others.

Keep Promotions to a Minimum

My thoughts…. we shouldn’t have any promotions…just my opinion. Perhaps members could list their business contact info with a small description of their services and/or a link to their websites.

Questions or Concerns? Contact Us!

If you feel a post or comment violates the above guidelines please let one of the Hosts know. Our Hosts will step in to contact the member privately and/or remove the post.