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Yahweh gifts his essence and his Golden Flame, completing the triad with the Blue Diamond of the Mother’s essence and the Pink Diamond, the essence of “your sweet wholeness.” Yahweh speaks of stepping forward into the process of conscious creation “as part of the evolution of the collective and part of your own evolution.” And …


As we begin 2011 we are being encouraged by the Council of Love


4-Saturdays, interactive course teaches you how to work with the Creation Formula and the Universal Laws channeled from the Council of Love, and under the direction of Sanat Kumara, Yahweh, Jesus Sananda and Albert Einstein.


Universal Mother Mary speaks of her gift of the Blue Diamond in both healing and creation work. “It is my gift by instilling into you my essence. It is what you call instantaneous combustion of healing.” And “When you infuse your creation with my Blue Diamond, the first thing you are doing is quite literally …


Jesus Sananda’s heartfelt invitation to come and walk with him “in the red dirt and hills of Sedona…we of this family are calling this gathering “homecoming.”… And “Home is where the heart is.”… Realize as I have with my apostles, with my disciples, with my family, that this is where your fuel and your support …


The Most Powerful Healing on the Planet The rules of engagement have shifted so dramatically in the past few months that it is time to revisit the 13th Octave LaHoChi and received the amplified updates, initiations and downloads. The 13th Octave LaHoChi has always been a multiple purpose modality, not only for healing but also …


Yahweh talks to us in very practical terms this day, in this year of creation. “I wish this union and unity between us to be much stronger. I wish it to be the relationship that cherishes and warms you in the darkest hour and the relationship that you share in the most shining of glorious …


A powerful plea from the Silent Archangel to let go of the old paradigm of drama and chaos, and actively hold peace in our every thought, word and action. Archangel Raphael gives guidance for the Sunday night peace meditations.


A powerful message from Jesus Sananda on stepping forward and being the clarion of Truth. He speaks of the importance for each of us to assume of chosen roles, and to see and acknowledge the grace of each being.


I am Mary, and I come this day to speak to you of my unfoldment and the unfoldment of Nova Earth. Dear Children, there are seasons and divine timing and now is the season of golden radiance – it is the time of blue and gold upon the earth. It is the time of the …