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A beautiful poem by Raisa Goltsin about this incredible transition energy we’re all experiencing. It feels like I am riding the waves Up and down between The bliss and despair; Between the bliss of the Spirit,


GD interviews Linda Dillon on Our Galactic Family May 27, 8pm EST, who will discuss how for the last twenty years she has been going to the Neptune Ship at night. She’ll describe ship living and its technology. She’ll also discuss how she first encountered ships, how to call in UFO’s, and how she is …


The last in a great series by Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario. Since I began this series, Linda Dillon has given three more talks by Lao Tzu, the Divine Mother and Archangel Gabrielle, which have supplied us with additional information on the Transition that is said to be happening this month. I’d like to …


Seldom do I endorse practitioners, healers, channels or teachers. My job is to get the messages of the Council of Love out to you. But with everything there is an exception to the rule and Mary Valanzano, trusted COL 13th Octave teacher and amazing soul is ready to share her talents on a broader scale. …


We have tended to Gaia for thousands of years and we have no intention of halting now, not when you are so close to your own Ascension process, and not while she is already clearly underway. For this is something, a momentous event


Many times I have said to you “if what it takes for you to go forward, for you to trust and hold hope, if what it takes is for me to show up directly in front of you in your living room, bedroom, office, on the street, I will do so.” And this is exactly …


…these are essential tools and it is what I have to share with you and so I do so joyfully; I do so in gratitude that you will accept these humble gifts from me…


A great article by Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario outlining the information now being received through the Council of Love regarding The Transition and The Great Awakening. Linda’s book The Great Awakening outlines the Council’s step-by-step process to Ascension.


Tonight Archangel Michael invites us to “play” in his blue flame of truth, to remember our magnificence and grow by integrating the Love energies that are beaming to us from the Heart of One


The transition is a time of awakening, yes, which we have had this channel call the Great Awakening. And it is a time of restoration and the fulfillment of my Plan. You have been recently at a crossroads, my beloved ones…but you collectively with your hearts of purity have remembered and you have chosen love. …