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Heavenly Blessings

I will leave you with the reminder: Love, honor, respect, torch, and remember you are healing every sacred relationship you ever have and let me also say that every relationship you ever have, is sacred.


If you do not love, honor, accept, surrender, cherish, nurture your sacred self, then you are not in a position, you are not prepared or capable of entering into relationship in the way that your heart deeply, not only desires but demands, with others.


The process of healing with the I AM does not need to be long and arduous. I wish you to take the torch and to hold it with me now to the collective that we burn away, eliminate, any issues of self worth that are not of truth and wonder. This torch of the Violet …


Each of you has the capacity, the talents, the where-with-all to heal and to heal instantaneously and to heal one another.The telepathic, the energetic communication of the healing is how the human race is being transformed. I have never, not on this side or your side, encountered anything that could not be healed.


In the middle of a channeled radio show about the new paradigm for Planet Earth, while remarks were being made about Nelson Mandela’s recent transition, Nelson Mandela began to speak through channel Linda Dillon.


You are seeing all over your planet the warriors of light who step forward and demand their freedom. They may think that they are asking for financial freedom, political freedom, social justice, but what they are really asking for is to be free to be themselves, the totality of who they are. And for the …


The Council of Love tells us that this is the law that speaks to everything having a beginning and an end, and at the end there is always another beginning. Although you finished this series, my beloved ones, the work with the universal laws has just begun. Nothing in the infinite creation of eternity is …


There are times in the occasion of your life and your journey when you will discern that there is an energy, a discordant energy that serves absolutely no purpose that is beneficial or continuing to be beneficial to the humankind, the collective, or the universe. In 100% of these times, it is a human creation …


Raj, SK, reminded me that in most faiths and most religious practices that there is a process that is a reflection of this very Law of Dispensation. We have days of atonement, we have days of fasting, we have – in the Catholic Church there is confession, and redemption, forgiveness…all around us there are examples…What …


Congratulations as you go forward in this Law of Instantaneous Transmission and Transformation and the activation by conscious choice of what you choose to experience and what you choose to bring forth in this journey of light and love and transformation. You are declaring your freedom as a creator in a very personal and individual …