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Below is a meditation in which Linda explains, in detail, the expanded steps to anchor into the Heart of God and into the Heart of Gaia…


We talk about the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan but I also want you to know of my presence, not only within that plan but within your hearts, within your desires, within your inspirations, within your ideas, within your dreams and your ability to create and to co-create your expression, your reality, your divinity…


…you ask me “Father, what is the Warehouse of Heaven and why do you bring me here?” I bring you here because it is a creation chamber, actually it is several chambers, but it is a place where you can come and be with me and learn and grow and perfect your ability to create…


…it is the energy of the Divine Masculine, the balancer, but it is also the flame of infinite knowledge, of infinite creation, of infinite understanding of the creation codes. It is the Golden Flame of inspiration and my beloved ones it is the Golden Flame of action…


It is the flame of empowerment, it is the flame of unfoldment, it is the flame of action, it is the flame to be able to complete what you came here to do.


Yahweh gifts his essence and his Golden Flame, completing the triad with the Blue Diamond of the Mother’s essence and the Pink Diamond, the essence of “your sweet wholeness.” Yahweh speaks of stepping forward into the process of conscious creation “as part of the evolution of the collective and part of your own evolution.” And …


Happy New Year! Today was a special conference call to welcome in 2011 – what Yahweh calls a portal year.


The Father’s message on 01-01-2011 of His gift of the Golden Flame. You can either read the channeling or listen to the mp3 recording.


This is an audio meditation. Sedona this year was perfect for all of us – harmony, bonding, sweetness and empowerment prevailed. The channelings were awesome as were the meditations.  One of the precious gifts bestowed upon us during this year’s annual Council of Love Gathering in Sedona was Yahweh’s Gift of His Golden Flame – …


I wish to give you the gift of My essence because you are now strong enough to hold it.