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I wish to give you the gift of My essence because you are now strong enough to hold it.


Milagros are symbols of miracles and it is you claiming your birthright, and it is you co-creating with us what your heart desires…


“…remember the honoring and the Love that you are, that is your very fiber, and Love and cherish, honor, respect, nurture, and yes, care for your sweet self. And then with me declare ‘I AM’ ”


Universal Mother Mary gives the gift of the Pink Diamond, the gift of your own sacred divinity, the gift of who you are. “This gift will continue to expand and of my request of you, of each of you is to allow this – simply allow. Understand what I say. There is no limitation to …


Universal Mother Mary speaks of her gift of the Blue Diamond in both healing and creation work. “It is my gift by instilling into you my essence. It is what you call instantaneous combustion of healing.” And “When you infuse your creation with my Blue Diamond, the first thing you are doing is quite literally …


Our Universal Mother Mary returns to say thank you for stepping forward in this time of change.


Universal Mother Mary speaks of Trust. “If you were to look at the dramas, at the sources of conflict upon your planet in Israel and Palestine, the United Nations, in the streets of Chicago, in the gang wars of Los Angeles, and you were to say what is the core issue here? What is the …


Yahweh talks to us in very practical terms this day, in this year of creation. “I wish this union and unity between us to be much stronger. I wish it to be the relationship that cherishes and warms you in the darkest hour and the relationship that you share in the most shining of glorious …


Greetings! I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Love and Mother of Peace, Mother of Change Mother of Unfoldment. Mother of All. Welcome. Welcome, my sweet angels. I come this day to particularly address a question that this channel has posed to me, but it is a question that represents the query of the collective, …


An inspiring message from the Universal Mother Mary on the meaning of motherhood – a perfect reminder for this Mother’s Day. Read and enjoy!