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Many have been experiencing being put on sabbatical by the Divine Mother during this time of radical change in frequency. This process of reconstitution can be hard on the physical body as well as “challenging” on every other level. Thank you once again Maree for sharing these insights – it helps us all! xxxx Greetings, I …


Words of encouragement on an array of topics such as Brexit, Vigilance & the old 3D, Sacred Union/Partnership & Twin Flames, Star Family, Sharing, Nutrition & Extra Protein, Energy Healing… With thanks to Elle for sharing this wonderful array of Channelled Gems from her personal reading with Linda, Archangel Gabrielle and Belle’Anna on July 8, …


Maree’s Guide, Anastasia, has offered the following insights into the Tsunami of One. Anastasia: We are in your sphere. We are holding the energy, we are filling you, we are feeding you, we are restoring you, we are reconstituting you, we are activating your markers. And so yes, in many ways you could not possibly …


On June 10, 2016, I had a reading scheduled with Linda, to speak with my Guides. For the second time now, in recent years, instead of being greeted by the familiar voice of one of my Guides, I was greeted by another familiar voice that said “Greetings, I am Michael.” Michael         Greetings, I am Michael, …


CHANNELLED GEM ~ Bonnie & Zomandia, June 1, 2016 Working with the Creation Formula and strengthening the paradigm through Sacred Partnership Zomandia: Your first universal assignment from the Mother is to reach a place and to be consistently anchored in the state of being that is of love, acceptance, surrender and bringing forth into form, …


All beings upon the planet are calling their aspects home to be the full embodiment of who they are. You are the host and the official welcoming committee!


Another personal channeling with perspective on how to view the current chaos of the US election process in terms of what is best for this beloved planet.


Increasingly, individual channels are having messages of global impact. This is one such reading with Andrew Eardley. Archangel Michael shares his guidance of what comes after this chaos of the current download of energies from the Mother’s legions.


Every now and then a personal channel includes information of such depth that it is worthy of sharing far and wide. Posted with permission of the recipient, this insight on the process of the RV falls into this category. In a frank discussion on the pitfalls and danger of our losing focus, please read.


With increasing regularity a personal session contains insight of such universal import that it really needs to be shared. Thanks to Elle for this sharing on the meaning of “New” and deeper insights into the nature of our Star Family. There is this expression of ‘New Year’ … ‘New You’. They are interchangeable.