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You do not just help Yesha with the fulfillment of his promise long ago; you assist me in the fulfillment of mine.


…this is about unity; this is about what we talked about, what we came together for thousands of years ago.


As you walk upon the Earth, as you walk upon Gaia, as you anchor deeply within and hold yourself in the heart of all, that is a balancing act. And it is not something I teach you, but it is something that I remind you of.


So I come this day to give it to you and to reintegrate, to reignite that you remember your infinite capacity to love and to pass it on.


So I give you this Flame of the Future and I give you my heartfelt commitment to guide you, to guide you with my Love. It is time for you and I to know each other better…


I fully intend to walk the Earth with you, I fully intend to be in physicality with you, as will many of us. Excitement is great, we can’t wait and so that is why we are jumping the gun and doing this now. Greetings, I AM Kuthumi, keeper of the door, keeper of the portal, …


Archangel Michael expalins to us our role in this exciting energy of the 11-11-11


So it is with JOY that we join with her (Gaia) and that we join with you one more time to ascend that sacred spiral and to do so together in the unity of heart, knowing that there is no separation, there never has been. That is why the gift of the 13th Octave was …


‘Yeshua, won’t it be wonderful when everyone in the village and everyone in the town understands that this is the time of Love’.


There will NOT be a Saturday Conference Call on Nov. 5, 2011. The next call will be on Nov. 19.