Are you yearning for Sacred Partnership? Are you dreaming of truly being able to create? Are you tired of being on the same old treadmill? You cannot fully engage in Sacred Partnership, the fullness of your creator self, or complete your Ascension process if you are burdened by the weight of unresolved Core Issues. It’s …


Note: this class is now filled. Thank you. When was the last time you chatted with an archangel? Linda Dillon has been teaching people how to channel their guides and the Council of Love for over 15 years. The success rate of people breaking through has been outstanding. This is third time this class is …


Join us on our premiere show on The Divine Mother is our guest to discuss creation, abundance and Nova Earth. Airs Thursday at 7pm ET. To listen live, click the play button that will appear at showtime or listen to the show as an archive at your convenience.


???????????????????????????????????? July 10 Hi Everyone, Last November St. Germaine urged us to talk to the element of water all over the planet saying: “Will you come with me and will you rain, in perfect harmony and proportion in California.” He told us as we work with Gaia and the elements, we break through old barriers …


I’ve recorded a channeling with Universal Mother Mary, and an update on the Tsunami of Love for you.


Click here to watch the 90-minute webcast with Linda Dillon. You will need a password that has been or will be sent to the email you registered for the webcast.


Watch the 90-minute webcast with Linda Dillon.