Some conversations seem easier than others, especially for the lightworker community. In Love+ #2, Linda and the COL address the difficult topics of disruption, chaos, peace, core issues and why bad things happen to good people. Pull up a chair and listen as Archangel Michael offers an update on the Strategic Peace Initiative, AA Gabrielle …


Welcome to Love+ Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Mother of hope, Mother of trust, Mother of clarity, Mother of truth, Mother of One, Mother of change and Mother of constancy. For both, sweet ones, have need to be equally welcomed and cherished within your heart, for you are in the midst …


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Can you believe it? The Summer Solstice (Winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere) is just around the bend! Don’t miss the free gift from myself and the Council of Love to usher us into the changing of seasons. You must register to attend the June 21 event. So sign up by clicking below. httpss://


A beautiful Mother’s Day Message from our beloved Divine Mother. Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One, Mother of all, Mother of change, Mother of stability, Mother of the unchangeable wish – which is my plan – and the restoration of love upon this beloved planet.


This week we’re pointing you to the Winter Solstice 2018 webinar.


In 2004, a pair of US Navy FA/18F Super Hornets were vectored to unusual radar contacts off the coast of the principal homeport of the US Pacific Fleet San Diego. They saw a fleet; ‘Some kind of aircraft at 80,000 ft, dropped down to 20,000 ft, dived towards the sea hover at 50-ft from the …


Never has love in action and celebration of community been more important. Come celebrate the Winter Solstice with Linda Dillon and the Council of Love. Our beloved Jesus Sananda has a tradition of sharing his Christmas Message at this time of year. It is his gift of sharing what lies ahead for 2018, and providing insight …