Linda begins by discussing channeling with us. To hear the Jan. 9, 2012 audio program, click here. Archangel Michael says he hears our wish for some tangible evidence of this remarkable time. He recognizes that many lightworkers are at their wits end waiting for something to happen. He asserts that the James Martinez video is …


Archangel Michael encourages us to awaken fully in our warrior/creator selves, that there are too many still hiding their light, though those who are ready to ascend have increased exponentially.


Here is the link to the Hour with an Angel blog radio show.


There will NOT be a Saturday Conference Call on Nov. 5, 2011. The next call will be on Nov. 19.


The Hopi elders, echoing the words from the Council of Love, are calling for healing Mother Earth.


As we begin 2011 we are being encouraged by the Council of Love


Did you missed it? You can see the video here.


The ability to be still and receive inner guidance, a deep sense of peace and infinite connection to the Universe is the first step in your spiritual journey.


For the first time, Linda will be teaching the How to Channel course online. This is an incredible opportunity to attend a live How To Channel workshop.