We have given you the Awakener Kit. Many of you are still using it – and we ask you to – because that is part of our Unity with you. You are using our tools. And they aren’t just tools. Our gifts to you, each and every one of them, are infused with love.

Grener & Ashira’s Summer Solstice 2024 Message ~ When We Say Peace, We Mean Unity

GRENER OF ASHIRA OF NEPTUNE, President of the Intergalactic Council

Yes, I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune. And yes, I know, I have not had a place on your illustrious agenda this day, but I also want you to know that the Earth representatives at our Intergalactic Council attend this meeting this day and much is being taken note of in terms of the progression of the Gaians in establishing new realms, new realms of hope, new realms of being.

And so, on behalf of that Council, I thank you and I step aside for my son.


*     *     *

ASHIRA OF NEPTUNE, Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies

I am Ashira of Neptune. Yes, Commander… what a curious title!… Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, which many of you have known about for a very long time. You came from there. Many of you came from there with me.

But yes, I want to speak to you about Unity too, and how we have been engaging, inviting, working, playing with you. Even if we just look at recent history, we have been with you for so long. And then you say, “Well, why haven’t you shown up?” Dearest hearts, we have been showing up!

We are not newcomers to Gaia. My beloved, your channel, and I were mated in the time of Atlantis, in the time of such beauty and grace – and the desolation, the destruction, the sinking of this beloved continent, much like Lemuria. We have been here then and we have never left.

Did we take a step back and withdraw, let the dust settle, literally? But we did not go back. We did not go back to CeeCeeCee, or Xeres, or many of the outer planets – and they are extraordinarily beautiful! – but we stayed close by, most often in your Galaxy. And we began again and again and again to make our presence known. Not in ways of aggression or domination. That is the furthest thing. That is not why we are here. It is not why we travelled. It is not why we wait and wait and wait!

We came… most of you know us… most of you are at least hybrids of your Star Self, some more than others. It does not matter. We love, love the variety!

But we have progressed and then there have been landings which were covered up and denied. So then we moved to sightings. And we have taught you in many of the Council of Love gatherings how to communicate with us, how to connect with us, whether it is in Joshua Tree, Sedona, Lake Tahoe, or your backyard. And so then we have shown you, “This is how you see us!” Then we have invited you to meditations.

We have given you the Awakener Kit. Many of you are still using it – and we ask you to – because that is part of our Unity with you. You are using our tools. And they aren’t just tools. Our gifts to you, each and every one of them, are infused with love.

We have had many, many, many boots on the ground, people who are acclimatising. And although it is mostly hidden, sometimes, to those who pay attention, it is very apparent that there are Star Beings walking amongst you.

And then, more recently, we have formulated the Delegations working on every aspect of society, of Earth administration, from science to baking, from healing to astrophysics – quantum, our meaning!

And people, different races, have come together in Unity and Harmony. And what that has done, yes, a great deal has been addressed in terms of how you might do formulating the new paradigm structures. How does it look? How does it operate? Some of you are more obsessed or involved with that, and that is important.

But what the Delegations and those thousands and thousands and thousands of meetings have achieved is Unity. Not just a plan of Unity, but Unity between the beings involved – between the gardeners and the physicists, the bakers, the healers, the physicians, the social scientists, the political scientists.

All of this was our way of saying, “We can’t fully land now, but can we work with you in this back doorway?” And it has been enormously, enormously fruitful for everybody involved.

And there is a Plan in place. Is it open to discussion? Of course, because we know it is one thing to develop a plan and the other is the application. And you are already in, by the way, the application phase.

We have been teaching you how to heart communicate, how to speak from Saedor. And you have many, many examples of how brutish communication does not work.

We have disarmed your nuclear abilities from developing, we have caught nuclear bombs, and we will continue to do so. Yes, for you, for us, most certainly for Gaia! Humans will not be permitted to destroy this beautiful planet.

It is one thing when a planet evolves/ascends to sheer energy because that is participation, that is soul decision. That is a frequency shift that is agreeable and of benefit to all. That is true Unity. So no, the devastation that occurred based on ego, the devastation of Atlantis, will not come to pass again. And we keep Gaia safe.

But my beloved family, I yearn to walk with you in form, on planet, be it in the redwoods or the fields, the shoreline, the Matterhorn! We will not come and overwhelm because when we say Peace, we mean Unity.

You all look different and that’s the gift. We look different, we also shapeshift a great deal, but we are all One. When we say, “We are your Brothers and Sisters of the Stars,” we did not come to save you. We did come to adjust harm. But our goal, our purpose, yes, each within their individual talents, is to be with you.

And it is so close. That is why I’m speaking this way. The decision is yours, in your Divine Sovereign Self. But we know already, especially this gathering, that you welcome us.

And the visiting back and forth will be reciprocal, and it will be fun. There has been far too little joy on this planet and it’s time for laughter and the language of laughter to be resurrected!

I am with you, my beloved friends. I am with you.


Channelled by Linda Dillon, 20 June 2024

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn