Archangel Michael has asked me to share these gifts which were bestowed upon the participants of the 2020 13th Octave Intensive. We are all Gardeners of Gaia, and it is time for all of us to tend to our individual and collective gardens. It’s time to set aside our swords and shields and pick up the trowel and rake or Nova Gaia, of peace, of unity. xxxx Linda

Greetings, I AM Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome my beloved family; sweet angels, and humans, and star-beings of every hue and ray. I bring you the gift of my peace this day. Look not to your sorrows, to your grievances, to the missteps or the misdeeds that you falsely judge and place upon others. Take this peace that I offer you, from my heart to yours, in the fulfillment of your homecoming and your anchored blessing in this 13th Octave, in this sacred place, in the divine union of love, in the divine union of family, in the divine union with your sacred self, and with all beings within this circle.

I also bring you new gifts this day… gifts of my heart, gifts of my soul. You have declared yourself as gardeners of peace, gardeners, harvesters of love. So, I bring you this day a trowel and a rake. These are not brand-new trowels, these are not brand-new rakes, this is a restoration to you, as gardeners of peace, as harvesters of love.

The handle of your trowel, the handle of your rake is of the staff that I have gifted you long ago. It is of the tree of life, and it is old and ancient, and it bears the marks of loving usage. It is not bright and shiny; it is worn from usage… it is treasured. And, with your very large trowel you will connect to the heart of Gaia, to the heart of truth, to the heart of peace. You will lift out the bulbs of love, the bulbs of joy that have been planted there waiting to be uprooted, to come and see the light of day. You will dig out the weeds of deceit within yourself and within the collective, and you will dig and plant the new.

You are creator, you are Creator Race, you are original race, you are angels-in-form, you are my family. With your rake, again you will rake away the debris, the weeds, that which does not make the garden thrive, the garden of Gaia, the garden of society, the garden of your heart. Of course debris collects – it is the nature of existence. So, you do not rake once and think it is done. Dear heart, I have been raking each of your souls for eons… and it is my greatest joy! This is what you will do as Nova Gaians.

The tines of your rake may be gold or silver, titanium, or ziranium. These tines will be useful as you till the earth, and it will yield you the rewards, the abundance, the harvest that you seek.

This is the gift that I bring to you on behalf of the Mother and Father, on behalf of the One, on behalf of All. Extend your hands and your heart to me and accept what I give you. There is time for your sword and shield; there is time for your staff and scepter. And yes, beloveds, it is time for your trowel and your rake to cement relationships, hearts, societies, to unite this beautiful Creator Race as one. There can be no separation; there can be no illusion of separation.

Let this be done… and let this be done in the name and the actions of love. I am with you. Farewell.