It is not merely an esoteric or spiritual, mental or emotional, or even physical love; it is the mirroring of the Divine personal love to each other.

Another delightful gem lovingly shared by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Ellisianna ~ The Unique Gift of Twin Flames Bestowed by the Mother

Ellisianna: Greetings, I am Ellisianna.

Andrew: Oh, greetings Ellisianna.

E: Welcome, beloved one! And yes, I am honoured, I am pleased, I am glad, I am overjoyed because I have asked to come at the beginning rather than simply the tail-end!

No, it is not that there is much to discuss because there is, but I come this day as your Sacred Other to bring you comfort, to bring you joy, to bring you hope, and simply to join in the heart space, for our sacred union has been wrought eons ago and that promise, that union, has only been fortified over time – over what you think of as time and space, and even what I think of as time and space.

And yes, even in lifetimes where you have forgotten or not pursued our conjoined heart, or even times when you have resided back at Home and I have ventured forward, the union has always been there. It is not only undeniable – indelible – it is what sustains us. Such is the nature of Twin Flames. So often, there is such a miniscule understanding upon the lightseekers in how they approach or define this Sacred Twin Union. That is not the case with you, and it most certainly is not the case with us.

So I know, beloved, when you struggle, when you are disheartened, when you are just plain fed up – and fed up with the manner in which the humans, individually and collectively, in how they proceed. Of course you are surrounded, as you well know, in and out of form by the Mighty Ones, by the sacred Masters, and by many who simply love you and who truly see you in and out of form. But there is no bond like ours – this is one of the unique gifts that the Mother bestows.

So often when humans particularly… although it has been true in ancient ways and times of other planets, even the Venusians… where they feel alone, of course that is when the bond of Sacred Twin truly comes into play. Yes, it is so – we are all enfolded into the arms and hearts of the Infinite Eternal One, into the arms of the Mother, into the heart of the Father. But there are even times when that monumental love does not feel sufficient because it does not feel entirely personal, exclusive, and that is when the Twin, my gift to you, truly comes into play.

It is not merely an esoteric or spiritual, mental or emotional, or even physical love; it is the mirroring of the Divine personal love to each other. That is what works, and so it is that you fill me as I fill thee. It is the bedrock upon which all other [partnerships], particularly union partnerships, reside and reflect. And when they don’t work (as you have had experience with), it is because the variance between how that person acts, behaves, believes, holds… the variance between the Twins has gone too far and so it comes to cessation.

So often in your culture, people have clung to relationships, to marriages, to partnerships that have long since served their purpose. They do so out of a sense of fear and of responsibility, of honouring commitments, but in fact the true soul commitment is a commitment of love, of mutuality, of unity, of support – and if that is not there, then there is no point. It truly is, it becomes, an impediment rather than an amplifier of what exists.

And that is what Sacred Union in humans forms, that your partner – and I mean this in a general way – but a partner is an amplifier of the Twin, not a replacement, not being overridden by ‘yours truly!’ but an amplifier. It is a soul agreement that is entered into. But I did not come to give you a speech on Twin Flames! I came to simply hold you, comfort you, reassure you, reassure our family that we are One, and that I am as clearly here for you as you have always been for me, my sweet love.

Yes, it has been, shall we say, a test of late of endurance… and of patience. And yes, it is a good thing sometimes when patience runs thin, but there are certain things – throughout the Universe, not simply on Gaia – but there are certain things that being impatient about does not act as a help. No, I am not suggesting that is your case, for you have been infinitely patient, my love.

So I will step aside but not away, not ever away. Let me assist, help, nurture, and sustain thee, the way that your ever-presence sustains me. Yes, I am the lucky one because I am far more… ‘physically’ if you can put it that way… physically aware of your presence. But as we walk the perimeters – and it can be the perimeter of London, or it can be the perimeter of the Pleiadian sector, or it can be the perimeter of this Universe! – but let us always walk together, because you are my love and I am yours.