This advancement, or progression, shall I say, into unity, in form, with a consciousness that is beyond form, is the goal of my Plan. It is the restoration.

This inspirational gem material is lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ The Process of Being in Form and Beyond Form, and the Creator Race

Hairol: You told me in our first reading that part of me thinks “this is ridiculous, I want out!” Can you elaborate upon that?  What is it that I find so ridiculous and why?

Divine Mother: My sweet Archangel Gabrielle often speaks of the hilarity of the human experience, even though I have told her not to! (Chuckling).  What she means in that is that it is the choices that humans historically and actually have made that don’t compute, do not make sense, that are often caught in the swamp of human ego or personality, desires or needs – not to deny personality, for that is part of the delight of who you are.

Nevertheless, part of you – and you have come a long way since then so do not, sweet one, underestimate who you are – but you still have this situation from time to time. You look at the human race, you look at the structure, you look at where you live, you look at the island, you look at the planet and you say, “What on earth are they doing?” That it is slightly ridiculous all of this jockeying for power, for prestige, for position, trying to get ahead when in fact you already are ahead, and the things that people want to get ahead in are not the things that are truly of value to your sweet self – or to me, for that matter.

So that is what I mean. You look at it and you think, “How did they get so far off track?”

H: Ok, thank you, Mother.

DM: Now, you are getting much more generous in your… and I am going to say “not judgements but observations” of the human race! [Chuckling]

H: I want to get to the point of non-judgement, so I’m still working towards that.

DM: Yes, you are. And part of that… and it is good that you are seeing your own progression… is you are seeing how harshly you can judge and you are moving away from that – and as you move away, you are doing it not only for your beloved self, you are doing it for the collective.

H: Oh! Because the more I reach that point of non-judgement, the higher my vibration, the more my vibration will affect others’ vibrations?

DM: That is exactly correct!

H: Okay! So, thanks to you, I realize that the essence of my suicidal thoughts is the intense urge to be formless and embody merging with everything as One.

DM: Yes.

H: As a result, it is hard staying grounded, honestly. I want to lose myself in unconditional love permanently, but this realm is so entrenched in separation that it hurts me and makes me want to transcend the balance, because it involves separation along with unity. But then I realize that forming relationships, friendships, and having an academic career will help me stay grounded so that I can assist in transmuting the fear-based frequencies into love-based frequencies.

Therefore, it makes me want to stay. Also, Sadashiva Brahmendra inspired me in the sense that he lost himself in love to the point that he wandered the world naked; he had no sense of separation and that’s what I want… without the naked part! Any thoughts on this?

DM: Yes. What you are assuming, and where you are learning, and how you are becoming, sweet one, is that the Plan is for you to maintain form, be on planet, in a higher realm of consciousness – the realm of consciousness that was, and is, and always has been part of my Plan.

We birthed this planet and Gaia assumed this planetary form for my angels to have a place to play, to have an experience – a different experience – of what physicality in this reality engendered. But it was intended to be joyful and playful and fully conscious, that you could be in and out of form as you chose – and that is still my Plan for people: to be in and out of form as they choose.

This is the way that your Star Family tends to work. This is because of the growth of false paradigms, false ideation, false belief systems. It is the level that the human race has lost. The whole idea is to have the form and to be in the unity, not to the level of ignoring or laying down your unique form, but in the true embrace of that.

Think of it this way: not just the organs or the bones [but] every cell in your body has a function, a life, a universe within it. Every DNA fibre and marker has a universe and a purpose within it because it is part of a unified whole. It does not make that less than. That is Unity Consciousness. Your bodies are the best example that I have given to this race to remind you that you are part of a unified whole.

And so this advancement, or progression, shall I say, into unity, in form, with a consciousness that is beyond form, is the goal of my Plan. It is the restoration. Now, if you choose to lay down your form… which I strongly urge you not to… but if you do, of course I will welcome you home with great fanfare. We all will! But you will have missed this opportunity.

So that is why you are progressing – and we have talked in the beginning about the process. You are learning the process of being in form and beyond form.

H: Ok, so let me continue. Am I staying here till the end of the ascension process?

DM: Oh, yes – and then beyond! Because you want to see what the new realm looks like, what Nova Earth looks like. It would be sad to go through all of this and then not see the fruits of your labour, of our labour!

H: Yes, I agree. Based on what you have told me, I have spent like thousands of years here. …

DM: Yes.

H: So was I a member of the Creator Race?

DM: Yes.

H: Oh, wow! So what happened during that time when I first arrived along with my family members?

DM: Now, let’s be clear that when we say that what happened with the Creator Race was the evolution of out-of-control ego and power lust, that does not mean that everybody who arrived descended into that realm. So let us start there.

Think of it in this way. The Creator Race was a very large group – not large as in 7 or 8 billion, but a large group of beings – most of whom had had existences in other planetary systems but were home and either in sheer energy or angelic form, and we said, “Let’s go to this beautiful planet that Gaia has transformed herself into, as part of my Plan, where we can have form and the experience of such diversity that you can come in and out of form and enjoy it.”

What happened was that some who came – much like the story, the mythology, of Lucifer – some came and developed egos and thought: “I will be the God, I will be the central power of this planet, (chuckling) and we will declare independence.”

H: Were they not ascended beings?

DM: You are assuming that once you are ascended, you can never revert, and that is not so.

H: Wow! So you can get Sahaja Samadhi and then revert back to the ego?

DM: Because they came into physical form… and yes, we are not talking about something that happened overnight. But they fell in love with the physicality and wanted to be in charge of it, to control the realm of physicality, of time-space continuum, and in that separated – by choice – separated themselves, not from us but from themselves.

H: Oh, wow!

DM: Yes. This is one of the reasons we do not often talk about the full legacy of the Creator Race.

H: So were they the ones responsible for genetically modifying human DNA to a triple-stranded helix?

DM: The imprint of the 12 strands of DNA has always been there. What happened as an evolutionary function over time is that… may I use this term… the collective of the human race got ‘dumbed down’ to three strands.

H: Oh, so based on what they make you believe, you can turn off your DNA?

DM: And you can also turn it on, sweet one.

H: Oh, okay, I see what you’re saying.

… to be continued