This was the Mother’s greeting to the recent Who Is The Ascended Self Webinar.

Greetings, I AM Mare’, I AM Mother, I AM the many faces of Mother as you, beloved ones, are the many faces of I, of We, of One. And I welcome you here this day. And I not only welcome you to this time of energy infusion, the infusion into your being, of the knowing of your potential, of your journey, of the fulfillment, not merely of My Dream but of your dreams. And particularly the dreams that you have kept tucked within your sweet self, the dreams that you have tucked away fearful that they would not come to fruition, that you were either not worthy or strong enough, not deserving enough, not present enough… none of which, of course, is the reality of truth.

I embrace you, but I also gather you across the ascension portal to come with me, to travel into the temple of my heart, to sit, to chat, to pray, to dream together. That you may come, sweet angels, to fully comprehend that My Dream, My Creation, My Omniverse includes you and includes your dream.

Through this channel I speak to you a great deal today about awakening, about waking up. Not waking up simply to me, and certainly not to the drama, and chaos, and insanity that has been plaguing the planet, but to wake up to your dream, and the righteousness, and the rightness of your dream and your right to dream.

It is time sweet one, in the full power invested by all of us who sit with you, for you to step forward… no, not in bragging ways… humbly, sweetly, but fully. You did not come into this or any incarnation in any limited fashion. Now, you have had lives where you have certainly felt hamstrung, tortured, limited, defeated, but that is not this chapter, that is not this space of my unfoldment.

I speak to you gently and strongly as Mother, and implore you, guide you, sweet-talk you into coming with me, to be my anchors, the embodiment of what it was always intended to be as human beings, as sweet angels of every stripe, every lineage, every ancestry in form. To dance with the devas, and with your star family, but most importantly, with each other.

Yes, My Plan, My Dream and therefore it is, that this beautiful planet of diversity, Gaia, is a planet of love. But sweet angels, it is also a planet of peace. Know this and proceed in the confidence. You are not alone. Farewell.

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