How could we not all be committed to such an undertaking? How could we not, with bated breaths and excited tummies, be part of this?

Another delightful channelled gem lovingly shared by Hellen from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Helmet ~ We are Heart-Committed!

Greetings, I am Helmet, guardian, friend, twin, ally, brother, sister, One. Welcome! Welcome, sweet angel, rainbow ray, bridge, bridge between timelines, but primarily bridge between people, bridge between civilisations. You are a rainbow bridge of peace, my beloved, for it is the peaceful bridge that people are willing and able to trod upon.

Nobody wants to engage on a journey – interdimensional, inter-species, inter-civilisation – if the bridge is fraught with upheaval or lies or conflict or distraction. The journey back into unified consciousness, unified heart intelligence, is the bridge of peace – and yes, of course, it is magnificently beautiful beyond compare, beyond what humanity has known.

It has been a long, long time, for, yes, this is a civilisation that has known much war and conflict, confusion and intrigue, abuse and power abuse, but that is not where we focus you. We focus you on the new tomorrow. We focus you on this journey that you participate in and, yes, that you facilitate, for indeed your very energy is part of this bridge. And my beloved, you shine brightly. There is no point, ever, in simply dimming your light.

So many upon this Gaia Earth are looking around and they are saying, “Please give me a sign, please show me the way.” And they do not wish to simply look towards storm clouds or fog – and you both know that this serves a purpose – but what encourages them forward is when they see the jewelled rainbow because it gives them a clear focus, a roadmap, of how to proceed.

You are doing well and you are standing back in your discernment. You are holding your ascension close to your heart and, in so doing, you are holding the ascension of humanity close to your heart. You are exactly where you have need to be, beloved, and of course we are with you all the time. It has always been thus, but now it is more conscious and we welcome that. We welcome that mightily!

Hellen: I don’t really have any questions and I know you have much more you could say. I would love to hear you give more information about ‘What’s Up’ from where you sit.

Helmet: We would be pleased to do so, yes. It is a curious expression, is it not, to give you the perspective “from where we sit” – which is right next to you, and on Venus, and in the ships, in the deserts and the planets and the oceans. But I know exactly what you mean.

There is, from our perspective, phenomenal progress and phenomenal potential for breakthrough at this time. Those that have been, in human terms, in positions of power have been fuelling incredible campaigns to fuel the fires of dissatisfaction, of intrigue, and of confusion. Now, the benefit of this has been that it is becoming so outrageous and so apparent that, in fact, many people are simply seeing it for what it is, which is powermongering.

So all of this in the human realm is coming up for exposure which, from our perspective of what’s going on, is absolutely necessary… ugly… some very nasty revelations… but nonetheless necessary.

What we are doing and what you are doing, sweet angel, is taking the attention… not on the insanity, not on the chaos either, whether it’s in process or being revealed, it matters not… what we are doing is quickly healing the wounds of those who believe they have been injured or lied to or controlled. The list is long, but really it is all about healing.

And you and we bring the lessons that have been and were, in some cases, hard-learned during the times of Intergalactic Wars. But more importantly, we bring the lessons, the wisdom, the wisdom-vision, the heart-knowing, of what works – of what has and does work in the Federations, on Venus, on Sirius, on CeeCeeCee and Andromeda… far and wide.

Now, the biggest challenge in this very massive, massive undertaking… and it is not just your Universe, as some narrowly describe it. The reason… well, there are several reasons… but let us talk of this.

The reason so many have flocked to Earth, both in the various Light Federations… and in this, I also include the billions that have assumed form on planet because, yes, while Gaia can manage 8-9-10 billion people, it wasn’t a planet planned for or designed for that many people. So she is doing a spectacular job, but I digress.

The reason why so many have come is because of the Plan of the Mother, in physical reality, to have a place of sheer love. Those civilisations that have evolved over time, as you well know, to sheer love have often simply surrendered what you think of as physical form. So while this unfoldment of the Plan is in fact back to original Plan – a place where angels and a number of forms can come and play – the excitement is that it hasn’t been done before in form.

And so many – in and out of form, like myself – who yearn for this… not just the idea but the actual manifestation of this is so exciting, the potential so big, that we are heart-committed to it.

Even those who have come to the planet and who are currently engaged, shall we say [chuckling] humorously in chaos/distraction activities, came to bring forth this restoration, to bring forth the fulfilment of the Plan, where love could live and where hatred didn’t live; where chaos, other than the creative chaos of bringing New forward, didn’t exist; where control and abuse and hatred and greed were finally eliminated.

And when they are eliminated, there is a ripple effect. And that isn’t simply happening on-planet, because that ripple effect goes out just like the soundwaves. That energy will travel throughout the Omniverse and that energy will be part of every new creation.

Yes, the Mother is the Master Creator, but all beings will be creating – and they will be creating with this new, pristine, love energy.

How could we not all be committed to such an undertaking?! How could we not, with bated breaths and excited tummies, be part of this?