Imagination is a place where wisdom is gained, inspiration is received – a place where dreams are born – because in this ‘within realm’ which is constructed by your universe within, you are able to truly see and to live in what is possible.

Another wonderfully inspiring channelled gem shared by Kirsten from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Christianna ~ The Importance of Imagination

Kirsten: Could you please speak to the importance of imagination and spending time in my inner world, my inner garden?

Christianna: It is not necessarily imagination but, yes, we would be happy to because this is all interrelated: imagination, inner garden, inner life…

Think of it in this way, because you understand from the Universal Laws that, of course, there is an entire universe within you. Your concern at times, because this is up and down, is that you will escape into your inner garden and somehow lose your practical self, or that you might quite literally lose track of the life that you are here to live, or that you might drop into a level of what others might call ‘unreality’.

Part of what has been, if not turned off, certainly tapped down in the human collective – and yes, sweet one, not to the same extent but certainly within you – is this belief that the inner world is not real… that, as you say, “it is imaginary.” And you in particular have a wondrous imagination!

Imagination is a place where wisdom is gained, inspiration is received – a place where dreams are born – because in this ‘within realm’ which is constructed by your universe within, you are able to truly see and to live in what is possible.

The human race has been tapped down so severely as to not believe in the infinite… and I use that word specifically… the infinite potential of the individual and the collective. They have been brainwashed to believe that that inner world, that imaginary world, those dreams are somehow simply an escape hatch rather than a seeding-place – and not merely a seeding-place to do your mission because you are so physically committed to doing your mission and purpose on planet. But it is a place where the keys, the Creation Codes, are found.

So it is not simply dreaming as in dreamtime, although they are connected, linked. It is a place where we encourage you, support you, beg you to spend the time. Sometimes you think: “Well, this is futility; I am wasting my time,” and yet, this is one of the activities in terms of self-care that gives you some of your greatest joy – where you truly perceive and conceive of what is real… not just what is possible… but what is real.

It is difficult for humans, many humans, to understand that when you are in that inner world, for example, and you walk the planet, and you talk to the trees, and you touch the toadstools, and you dance with the ferns, there is a belief system that that has less physical tangibility than what you observe externally. That is a limitation that is not true. That has been a construct that has been erected to control humans.

So it is as real. Yes, you want to always maintain the balance of the within and without, the above and below. So your imagination is also your fuel for what you choose to create in your external world. The proviso – because there have been many alterations in this capacity, collectively, I’m talking about – is that it also can tell you… inform you, let us put it that way… about what you don’t want to create in your external world.

Taking time to be in your imaginary universe is not only healthy and fuel for creation. It is necessary. Think of it. If you only live in the external reality, then you are missing the reflection, the back and forth, both sides of the infinity.

So yes, sweet one, do not doubt! This is a big factor for you because, again, you are having a tendency… you have had a tendency; let us make it past tense!… that you want to get your arms around and be able to define what you are working with. But not only is that sometimes not desirable; sometimes it is not possible.

But what is a huge benefit within your imagination is that you do not have the same restrictions as you do in your external reality. Yes, there are factors of restriction in the within, but they are not as strident or as restrictive. So, again, it is a balance.

Yes, we know, you say to me: “Christianna, I have to live in the external world, I have work to do, I have food to cook, I have dishes to wash,” and that is all well and good. But please make time for your imagination, inspiration, alternative reality – not in the sense of mental incapacity; quite the contrary. Explore even further, sweet one. There are new things to discover, and I will go with you.

K: Thank you. Is there anything you would have me know in these last few minutes?

C: You know we always want to talk to you about love. Love is not imaginary. Love is who you are and love is who we are. And we wish to build, to expand, to construct higher, deeper, broader not just feelings but expressions, experiences, of love.

No, I am not saying this merely in a selfish way [laughing] because I know you and I feel, in every realm and reality, I feel your love. I always have. But seeing we are talking this day about expansion, I would love to have you accept… yes, and perhaps surrender… to knowing, to feeling, to experiencing my love more.

Sweet sister, never do I, nor would I, wish to control or override anything about you because you are magnificent. In the expansion of sharing our love… and yes, I do mean both ways… it only fortifies us, it only fortifies you, gives you the energy to go further, and that love spills over to every aspect of your life, of your being.

And it is not just that I am filling you with so much love that it spills over; it is your infinite capacity. And so, in your loving more, it also spills over to those you know and love in form, and to those you don’t know, in and out of form.

Humanity is going through a period of reassessment… yes, the Pause… in which to determine, to choose, their future course, and the best thing you can do to assist them is to be this conduit of love.

So that is my request of you: to give and to receive more love. And I already have my answer, as do you!