Are you a Council of Love Teacher?  Do you want to be?

Today, the world is facing an unimaginable challenge. And there are plenty of people trying to find solutions. And yet, despite the fear, the physical risks, the unknown economic future – the opportunity to build a better world has never been more real.

We are living in a tsunami of change. On one side – the old systems of the world are in crisis, while on the other side – a whole new world of opportunity has opened up for spiritual people who want to make a difference.

At this critical time in history, when we are needed most, a brand new path has opened up for us. We have the capability now, like never before, to reach millions of people worldwide with our healing messages. You are being called to take the first steps in teaching others how to live a deeply meaningful life.

I’m writing to pose this question to your heart. Are you a Council of Love Teacher? Do you want to be? It’s a personal question being posed by the Council, and by me, to a select handful of ASMC graduates, in other words, to you. If you want to build the business that changes the world…to be part of the COL movement that creates passion for a better world. If you’re ready to step forward in inspired action, then read on!

I want to talk to you about the pathway to becoming an accredited Council of Love Teacher, and/or a Council of Love SpiritLife Coach. Seldom do my past life experiences influence or dictate the direction I take as heavily as in this situation. My immediate past life as Dr. Norman Bethune is part of my inspiration for how we are structuring the COL teacher’s path. Bethune was deeply involved as a battlefield surgeon in the Chinese revolution with Mao Tse Tung and was responsible for training those who have come to be known as the barefoot doctors. A radical for sure – but in so many ways I’m just as radical today – just in a different way.

I’m using this barefoot doctor model not to water down what a Council of Love teacher needs to be aware of or to have experienced but to emphasize that you don’t need to know everything in order to get started. So often that becomes a barrier and burden to forward thrust. Basics, yes; Ascended Self Master Class, of course. But let’s face it, none of us know everything – and isn’t that particularly true during this time of rebirth, ascension, and the building of Nova Earth?

What’s required is an open and willing heart, an open mind, and the ability to “heart speak” and “heart listen.”  What is fundamental is the burning desire to transform the world according to the Divine Plan, constructed on the foundation of truth, love, discernment, joy, and unity consciousness. In this quest, there is no room for those who are assuming the role of human guides to fall into judgment or into any of these false grids as they are of the old third dimension. A Council of Love teacher lives anchored in their divine authority.

You do not need to be a channel to be a fabulous Council of Love Teacher – a frisky unicorn COLT!

This COL model has all the elements to support you in becoming a successful spiritual entrepreneur. The COLT methodology is one of apprenticeship, mentoring and coaching, in practical and spiritual ways. We will equip you with all the tools not only to fully embrace your life’s mission and purpose but to do so successfully and abundantly as a COL Teacher and/or SpiritLife Coach. We will guide you into a career path that supports not just your dreams but your physical needs as well.

Let me summarize the steps – this may not include all the details, but I think it’s enough for you to get the gist of what I’m proposing.

Teacher Pathway Steps

Time Commitment of a Year; Heart Commitment of a Lifetime

1. ASMC Graduate –This is a prerequisite. You have not only taken the year-long class but perhaps have taken the elements several times. You’ve anchored not only the material but applied it in your daily life.

2. Written Application. Just like grad school…This is where you and we plant the heart seeds. Why are you interested in this journey; what do you hope to gain from becoming a COLT (Council of Love Teacher); what are the skills and strengths you bring to the table; what do you want to focus on; and what’s your dream?

3. ASMC Moderator. You become a 2020–2021 moderator for a minimum of 1 class element, such as the New You, Core Issues, Inspired Self, or Conscious Creating with the Divine Mother. The purpose is to immerse yourself in the moderator/mentor/teacher role. You are not the sole moderator and will share this responsibility with others, overseen by our experienced team of MODS. This process is guiding you to move from the student to the teacher role.

This is a commitment of time and energy by which you will hone your skills as a COLT. The selection of the element you moderate will be chosen not just on what you like best, but where you would best learn and excel.

You will be part of the regular COLT exclusive group coaching sessions with me.

4. ASMC Auditor.  You will audit the ASMC elements – perhaps not each one, but this is integral to the apprenticeship model. You learn by watching, attending, observing, participating, and receiving feedback. The process further deepens and integrates the material and ongoing transformation within. Make no mistake – this will occur.

5. COLT Advisor. You will be assigned a one-on-one COL advisor for personal coaching and mentoring. It’s a vital support that we’re building into the framework, for you to have your go-to advisor to keep track of how you’re doing, what’s coming up, what you feel good about, what’s challenging, what’s changing. This undertaking of the COLT training is you expanding to the next level, and we’re going to be with you every step of the way.

6. Business Infrastructure. We will host webinars providing fundamental business material and instruction, as well as technical support to the COLTs. This is where the spiritual and practical elements for the successful practice as a spiritual entrepreneur come together.

We will teach and provide the framework you need for ongoing success as a COLT. Supports will include all course materials in PDF format and audio downloads; website design and support; the COL agency system for marketing and communication; promotion and advertising, and ongoing quality control and improvement. Notice we emphasize ongoing!

We will teach you (if you don’t already have this in your backpack) the essentials of running a business, including such areas as creating a business plan; values and ethics, policies and procedures; financial record-keeping; value chains; icebergs; audiovisual practicalities and how to’s for virtual teaching; workshop planning; identifying and developing your client base; promotion and (soft) advertising.

This may not be where your heart lies – I know it isn’t for me, but it’s these necessary pieces that allow us to do what we love. I have successfully run this “business” of the Council of Love for more than 30 years. Now, I want to share what I know: What works, What doesn’t, What’s necessary, and What’s a distraction. And I especially want to share it with you, my friend, in the confidence that your dream can come true.

7. Annual or Bi-Annual COLT Gatherings. I haven’t firmed up as yet whether this will be a couple of days once or twice a year in perpetuity.

The idea is to come together either at my home, or a fun City of Light location to deepen our relationship. We’re a small group and I want us to be tight as soul family. My goal is to build a team. We will laugh and cry, plan, and expand our horizons and the upcoming year’s activities. It’s primarily an open agenda – open to miracles. Europe anybody?

The reason I say in perpetuity is that although right here we’re talking about a year-long commitment, the ultimate vision is to continue to grow and expand in support of our mutual vision of building your business, and Nova Earth – and that’s not completed in a year.

At the completion of the journey, you become an accredited COLT. And there will be a celebration!

8. Future Steps. You may feel more drawn to teaching classes either online or in person under the auspices of the Council of Love, which would entail utilizing the COL branding, materials, and program resources. You may feel drawn more clearly to the Council of Love SpiritLife Coaching stream. Preparation and certification are the same for both. You may choose to do both. It’s a personal and personality choice. We will support you in both streams.

Both streams will be endorsed by the Council of Love promotions, listings, and advertising.

I’m sure this has raised a ton of questions for you. So, I am inviting you to an information-sharing 90-min. Q & A session on Saturday, May 9 at Noon EDT.

This has the potential to be as big or as small as you desire. Now back to the first question: Are you a Council of Love Teacher? Do you want to be? 

From my heart to yours, all my love, Linda