Everything is possible! Anything is possible!

A beautiful channelled gem lovingly shared by Susan from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Uriel Speaks Of Potential

Greetings, I am Uriel, Archangel of Silver, Ruby, Gold… you can give me any ray and any colour for they are all inspired and magnificent, as are you, beautiful angel, sister of inspiration, anchor of love into the very heart of Gaia, into the realms above and below, because everything is possible! This is what humanity – the ascended selves, the ascending selves, the ascended angels, the sound asleep [chuckling] – that’s what they need to be reminded of.

And I do not say this in ways that are grandiose, but anything… anything is possible! Think of this in the Mother’s Infinite Power and Wisdom. Often we tend to skirt around or subtly minimise this power of creation that is part of the Mother, that is the Mother, the Father, the One, and thereby part of all of us. This is the similarity, this is the mirror, this is the linkage between us all.

Yes, of course, the bond is love, the fuel is love, but the potential, the power – because there is such a dark history upon the planet of Gaia of abuse and abuse of power – the true sense of power is often ignored or minimised.

But what that does, century after century after century, is it has leaked in, seeped into the collective consciousness, and in this literally grounded into the human bones, ego, and sense of self that there is limitation and that power and potential is something to be leery and wary of, instead of understanding that it is the Infinite’s true gift to all, whether it is you, my beloved friend, or your Star Family, or the lizards on the ground.

When you see the lizards, you understand, particularly the chameleons. They do not stop and think and wonder about their ability to shift, to grow new tails. That knowing of potential is simply part of who they are. So how, how can it possibly be that a tiny lizard has this innate wisdom and yet the humans question it? It does not compute in any reality.

So is there a collective death in this collective, and yes, sweet one, individual rebirth? The answer is yes, of course there is. When the gift of Yeshua is the gift of rebirth, when the Mother declares a new cycle of life, what does this mean? It means the inspiration flows and the dreams come out, come up. And they come up not to be tucked away again, but to be embraced and nourished and brought forward.

So is there a sense of sadness, a sense of grief, a sense of adieu in letting go of the old? Is it a form of death? Yes, it is, because even when it has been hard or tedious or welcome, it is familiar. And humans, regardless of their declarations of being adventurous – and there is not a single individual upon the planet at this time, by the way, who is not extraordinarily adventurous – but they also love the familiar. They love their comfort zones, whether it is a pair of shoes, an old chair, a slipper, a friend, or a planet! They love the familiar.

And yes, they do want the adventure and they declare that, but there is this sense of lethargy – spiritual, physical, emotional lethargy. And there is the questioning. There is the question, before the question is ever even formulated, of what is truly an individual’s and the collective’s potential because, in reaching the point of actually formulating the question, that predisposes the movement into action. And what that means is travelling down the birthing chamber and, yes, beginning anew.

So you have been feeling, sweet one, both for yourself and for the planet, for the collective, this push and pull, this sense of letting go of the old, letting go of the familiar – even though as you transcend into the new, it is in fact and will feel and does feel very familiar, but you don’t know that yet. So there is this sense of push and pull, of letting go of the old and at the same time pushing down the birthing chamber into the new, of wanting it, excited, yearning. So it is that moment between goodbye and hello.

It is that moment between hello and goodbye. And part of you, for you are truly an adventurer, but there is this part of you, sweet one – which I come to comfort actually – that is tired of saying goodbye because it feels like loss. It feels as if you are being pushed and pulled, and that what you love and cherish is not merely fading away but literally being yanked away.

And while you have the deeper/broader/higher comprehension, compassion, understanding, wisdom of what is transpiring, you at the same time are feeling that collective push-pull desolation of the collective. All beings, not merely earthlings/Gaians, yearn for love. It is as natural as breathing. And if you were to say the DNA of the ascended masters, the enlightened beings, yes, we, the archangels – all beings yearn for love. It is what drives us.

Now you might say that we are in a more fortunate position insofar as we know and we not only readily accept, we embrace, we invite, we celebrate that love and we acknowledge and build that we are that love, and so we share it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. But that is where you are coming to. So what becomes increasingly uncomfortable upon the planet and in this unfoldment is the acceptance of anything that does not look like, feel like, smell like love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
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