Greetings, I AM Mother, infinite and eternal, divine, whole, All. Welcome sweet angels of light, sweet Gaians of love. And I welcome you all, those of you who travel throughout my omniverse who are star-seeds and star-beings, Halions and Blues, Magentas and Silvers, those of you who are fairies and earth-keepers. I welcome all of you my loyal children, my loving Gaians.

And yes, I come to you this day with words of encouragement, of good news, of expansion and grace. And you say to me, “Well Mother, it is about time!” And I say to you, “Child, it is about time!” And I say this in the way a mother declares with spectacular pride, excitement, exuberance. You feel that you have been patiently waiting…well, so have we! But in your reality, in your framework, in what you think of as time within my infinite ocean of time, you have been patient, and you have practiced fortitude and consistency, stamina and endurance. Sometimes you have forgotten about the joy and the grace, the laughter and the gentleness

But what I say to thee, “Beloved ones, what have you been waiting for? Have you been waiting for me? Because you know I am ever-present and omnipresent in every aspect, sphere, speck of energy throughout my omniverse. You’ve been waiting for you! And you have been waiting for you individually and collectively. You have been waiting for your New You, for your new civilization, for your readiness to proceed.” And you say to me, “But Mother, I have been ready to proceed for ages. I have been anxious.” And I would say to you, “Dearest heart, that anxiety gets you nowhere. Impatience sometimes is a virtue.”

I come to tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you. How your thoughts, how your actions, your undertakings, your persistence, has truly created this forward thrust called the tipping point. You most certainly, are in my final wave of my Tsunami of Love. But I have caressed you, and I have buffered you, and I have buffeted you about with my waves of love, filling you with clarity, and grace, and purity, awe, and wonder, inspiration, and so much more.

But until you have been at this point, when you have literally turned to me…not in anxiety, not in trepidation, not in impatience…you’ve simply turned and you have said, “I am ready!” You have not declared, “Oh, I think I’m ready…” You have opened your hearts, and you have opened your grids, and you have opened your beings to reintegrate the truth of who you are, this divine design of what you think of as Gaian or human, which is a multi-interdimensional being…not stuck in time and space and dimensionality. A co-creative force to re-anchor, to rebuild what was originally intended for this planet…what My Dream and your dream were all about.

Has it been long, in any definition, of coming? Yes, it most certainly has been…millions of years. But you, as creator race, as creator force fully anchoring your divinity, your sacred unique powers in the true sense of power, you bring this to the forefront with heart wisdom…not with egoic intention or hurtful pride but with heart wisdom…you step forth, gently and exuberantly. This is an exciting time, not only on your planet but throughout my omniverse. You step forth to create in form, on planet, what has always been intended.

Now, let me be very clear with you, these scenic detours, these scenic detours of death, and mayhem, and cruelty, and hatred, this is not of divine intent or creation, this is manipulation and it has certainly worked on your planet for a long time. But now you have reached the place of clarity, of true clarity, not only with the external reality but the internal reality of your brilliance and you say, “No! I am tired of being manipulated.”

This is what I mean by transition. Many step forward and declare that they are tired of mayhem and chaos, hatred and greed, manipulation, war, death…but they are not yet clear – think of emerging from a very deep sleep, or from a very heavy fog – you are feeling your way, you are seeking landmarks, you are seeking guidance. You, my beloveds, are the human GPS. You are the ones that I have spoken of who say, “Come. Come with me. Come with me and walk this path, walk the Jesus path, for it is a path of love, it is a path of joy. Yes, there may be obstacles in the way but I know the way around, I have tools…I have a whole kit of tools. And more importantly, I have an open and loving heart and I see you, I see you in me, and I see me in you. And I see the Mother in you, and I see Sanat Kumara and St. Germaine, and the entire multiverse in you and in me, and I claim it, and I love it, and I choose to live it.”

This is what you are doing and I’m not talking about some distant tipping point or some amorphous event. I am talking about the event of you saying yes, of you choosing. You are sovereign. I have birthed you, we have created you that way. We did not create races of slaves who did not have the right, or the ability, or the intelligence to say, “I choose. I wish. I desire. I direct.” No! You have been bamboozled for a long, long time. No more! There are enough of you. You have chosen to create this situation with me, with us, with all to ascend as one. But not in another century, not in future generations, but now. This is your plan but it is also mine.

You are at the place where your frequency…because it is you I am speaking to, otherwise you would not be on this webcast…so your frequency is at a high enough decibel, if you wish, to proceed, and in that the collective. For each of you who has a heart-opening the way you beam and magnify literally affects about a billion collectively. You are ready to go…that is why so much is happening.

You may expect, you may anticipate great political upheaval. No, not in the way of war and mayhem, but certainly the winds of change are upon you, my beloveds. And when I say this, let me be crystal clear…when I say there is political change, not merely in this or that country, I am not talking about approaches that involve cruelty and punishment; those are paradigms of the old. And you cannot proceed through your ascension process, individually or collectively, and hold on to the fact that you wish to reap revenge upon those who have been recalcitrant. Or would you like to reap revenge upon those who’ve simply been tired, sitting on the fence waiting for that sun to shine? No.

My path, the path of ascension is of inclusion and love, tolerance…and be very clear when I say to you, “Be tolerant. Be compassionate.” I am not suggesting that I give permission for abuse to continue but you cannot adopt the tools of the old and expect a different outcome. That simply is not the way.
Your star families from all over, but particularly The Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, various delegations are underway. You are the welcome committee. Your Cities of Light, which are only Cities of Love, are assuming form even as we speak. Cities take form because hearts come together in sacred purpose and sacred purpose of joy.

There is nothing tedious about ascension, beloved. It is an expansion of your consciousness moving you, pulling you, sharing with you a greater degree of My Consciousness, opening you to your true self which is and has always been Divine. You say to me, “Mother, I am not sure how to proceed. I am not sure…I have wondrous projects in mind…oh, but I don’t have resources.” Dearest heart, you have more resources than you can possibly imagine.

The trigger for this, sweet angels, is for you to begin. You begin taking the steps to bring forth, not only what you wish to create…which is all I wish you to create…but in that it is your sacred offering to Me. And do you truly think that as your Mother who adores you, who honors you, who is so proud of you that I will not make a sacred offering back? And sometimes the offering is resources, sometimes it is healing, sometimes it is peace. All offerings are sacred and divine as all offerings that you bring to me are sacred and divine.

Many of you are experiencing, yes, anchoring the new grid, the new human physical grid. Do not hesitate to turn to me, to turn to Raphael, to turn to St. Germaine, to turn to Lao Tzu, to use the multitude of tools that I and this Council have given you to heal, to alleviate. But when in doubt, breathe my Blue Diamond. This is my essence. This has been one of my most precious and initial gifts to you…Sparkly Blue…it is very, very simple! It is my essence that I offer you. I don’t think I could give you much more than that.

Come to the Warehouse of Heaven. Let the Father and Uriel take you. Claim what you need, what you wish, return what you don’t. And then, beloved ones, hand-in-hand…because we are past the tipping point…let us recreate what it means to be human. The quintessential definition of human is angel in form. That is who you are, that is who you have always been, that is what you return to.

There is nothing, nothing that you can ask of me that I do not receive and respond to. I am your Mother and for many of you, I am the mother you’ve never had, or didn’t know you had, that you haven’t known…but I would like you to. Let me embrace you. Let me embrace you not just as angel but as the beautiful man and woman that you are. And let us proceed because dearest, it is time.

Go with my love and go sweet angels with my peace. Farewell.