All addictions are addictions to pain; all addictions are fear-based.

Andrew lovingly shares another inspiring channelled gem from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael: I Know How to do Battle with Addiction! [Addiction, Part 3/3]

Archangel Michael: This sweet angel, daughter of the Mother, servant of the One, has most certainly been ‘grappling’, shall we say. Let us say that she is warring and fighting her own battle for peace, and her own battle for truth, because she knows the truth of her essence – and most certainly the truth of her essence is not one shackled in any way to addiction.

But she also understands that she is doing this not merely for herself but for many – and that is why, dearest [daughter], many times this feels so monumental. It is because it is!

Now, one of the things that I would recommend for you to do – actually, the both of you can do this – is every single day take my sword and cut the cords for the need for this substance, for methadone. Cut the cord literally, as if you are looking at it between you and the prescription, and take the time after you have severed that cord to breathe deeply and to feel what the sensation is of no attachment – no cord, no need, no want, no fear – because there is a big ‘fear factor’ that is engaged with this, and it is the fear factor of falling deeply into serious withdrawal. And we would not underestimate the factor of withdrawal, because it is severe.

But what we would suggest to you is that you try consistently to cut back – just a little every day – so that what happens is, by the end of the week, you actually begin to end up with excess medication. And as you are doing this, know that you are doing it for the multitude – not just for this particular addiction – for all addictions are addictions to pain; all addictions are fear-based.

So what you are truly clearing, beloved one, is not merely fear and not merely the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual attachment – you are letting go of it all!

So one of the things you have need to do also – because you are doing famously – is give yourself credit. So often, sweet angel of light, what you are doing subtly is chastising yourself for still being in a position of need. Particularly as you begin to cut back, what you are going to feel is your own sense of power – of reclaiming, re-anchoring your power.

So keep going, and I am with you – I know how to do battle with addiction!