When we say that we are breaking up the club … we are constructing our new relationship!

Playd’or and Ellen lovingly share this beautiful Channelled Gem from their reading with Linda Dillon.

Commander Playd’or of UFOG ~ Breaking up the Club, Misstepping, and an Update on the Delegations

It is peculiar… well, yes, I will use that word… that in the human journey – and I am not just speaking to you, of course, I’m just talking, and I don’t have the facts or the evidence or the conclusion! – I’m just saying it is ‘peculiar’ in the human journey how there has been this notion – yes, belief system – but more of a notion of exclusivity. As if being human is this exclusive club to which some people belong – yes, a few billion – and into which no one else is welcomed, no one else is admitted to the club, no dogs, no cats, or aliens! [Laughing] It is really funny!

Now, for a long time, and still ongoing, it was important that humans be shall we say ‘allowed’ to have this sensation of exclusivity. And the reason for that was not just for them and their egos to grow like wildfire, but for them to reach a point of understanding of what they were creating, what they have created, what they are creating – what they are responsible for.

Because in that, there is a sense not only of ownership or exclusivity. There is an understanding of their responsibilities for taking ownership of what they have created – not responsibility as in some dire burden but as an acknowledgement of their own power to bring forth, to create, to adjust, to readjust, to redirect how they proceed. And part of that, of course, has been the coming to the surface of all the chaos and, well, shall we just say ‘the mess’ of what was created by the humans on the planet.

But that entire paradigm is being broken. In fact, in so many ways, it is being shattered to fine dust, like crystal, because the acknowledgement really of the majority, shall we put it that way, of humans of what works and what doesn’t is present.

So what we would say is that the learning cycle is at a place, is already happening, where the club is being broken up, the shutters are being taken off the windows – and in fact, the windows are being thrown wide open to allow the fresh breeze of new information, grander information – a bigger club – to arrive.

And that’s where we come in. We’re not coming in to take over the club. We don’t particularly even want to be part of that old club because it’s kind of stodgy and boring and doesn’t really serve the higher collective. So there is a new understanding of ‘collective’ – and whether it is an exclusive club or not, it is an interplanetary/interspecies/intraspecies club!

You know upon your planet that racism and what we would call “economic classism” has been horrendous. So the new club eradicates, quite literally dismisses – it is club rules that none of that is allowed – and it allows for the freedom of people who are hybrids or starseeds, pure galactics or intergalactics, earthkeepers, tree trunks, faeries, elves or a blade of grass to be included.

Now, this isn’t something that has been done or even could be done in the blink of an eye. And why is that? Because the humans needed to reach a point of understanding, and the collective, by and large, has. There was another club of humans who believed themselves to be enlightened – and you see them all the time – that thought our club, our Star Being club, was also another exclusive club and that they wanted to rescind their membership in the human club and join our club.

That is not the purpose of our being, or even coming anywhere close to this beautiful, beautiful planet. We are not a club. We are not an exclusive club. We want to join in a circle of Unity, in a circle of Love, where everybody is welcome. This exclusion that is going on – and particularly even in what people have called ‘the lightworker community’ – where some are welcomed and some are punished, put to death, really shunned, what kind of a planet does that create?

It certainly isn’t the planet we’re interested in. It isn’t the Planet of Love! So there are still some wisps and whispers that are being cleared out and need to be.

Now, I want to be really clear that as these last wisps and whispers are being cleared out, it isn’t preventing us from proceeding with our Delegations. There have been some interdimensional Delegation meetings, but there have been no Delegation meetings on what you think of as on planet, on Earth, in 3D – which is ridiculous but anyway, what you think of as 3D on planet – as yet because you know that you and your sister [Linda] will be part of those initial meetings.

No, it is not a hierarchy or a fame thing, it is simply a familiarity thing, for we go with those we know we can trust and who have the broader comprehension because so much of your time is, yes, spent on Earth and spent with us.

So when you are saying, “Have the Delegations in form begun as yet?” The answer is no. Have they begun interdimensionally? Yes, they’ve been going on for years.

But this is all about breaking up the exclusive club.

E: Even the word “club” I’ve never liked…

P: Yes, it is cruel. It is cruel – and within that club, you have had so many committees each claiming authority! [Laughing] No, it cannot be this way – and it most certainly is not the way we operate. It is not the way we think, feel, or proceed.

So I wanted to give you that backdrop so that you understand when people say, “Oh, I am going to be this or that” in an egoic, authoritarian kind of way.

E: Even in my little life, I am pretty much surrounded by it.

P: It is because you are getting a taste of what the larger collective is working through, and it is that simple. It is not about punishment, ‘culling the herd’ as you would think of it, or saying, “Well, you have to go and stand in that corner because you belong to that group.” No! It is about equal choice and opportunity.

Everybody – and I mean that upon your planet, right back to the Intergalactic Wars, back to the original Creator Race – everybody has misstepped at some time, either through choice or the belief in divine guidance, it matters not. And they say, “Well, I have never misstepped.” Well, in their emotional and mental bodies, that is not true.

So we make a blanket statement: Everybody has misstepped at times!

Sometimes it has been lifetime after lifetime, hundreds of thousands of years; other times, it has been a singular second. It matters not. Never is it in anyone’s interest or in alignment with the Mother’s heart for us to judge. We can discern: “That was erroneous motion; that was erroneous choice; we don’t want to go down that path again,” but we do not judge – and even worse, we never condemn.

All beings are a Divine Spark of the Holiest One. It is not our place to judge. It is our place to embrace and to shatter what does not look, feel, taste, or exist as true. … We are creating the new paradigms. They are not about limitations or rules. They are about enormous free-choice options, freedom, independence, and the choice not to step on other people’s toes. It is glorious!

And this, beloved one – this is the planet to do it on! The Mother has prepared everything, and we are ready and you are ready!

This unfoldment is not on what you can think of as a human schedule – it can’t be! Because there are literally billions, and billions, and billions, and billions, and a few more zillions of variables that are constantly being monitored, adjusted, addressed, etc.

When we say that we are breaking up the club, we are not saying that our breaking up the club is in fact to hurt or harm anybody. So think of this dismantling as a time where we dismantle – yes, sometimes eliminate, sometimes destroy – but also at the same time constructing. We are constructing our new relationship! Even for humans to get to a point where they tacitly acknowledge they aren’t alone in their exclusive club of the universe has taken years.

Now let me be really clear. I am not saying that our arrival is going to take years. It won’t. I am talking about the unfoldment of the human and what it means to be the human ++++ collective. So I am talking about on planet, in form, in family, in relationship – and it is not in the distant future.

And you are quite right, you know, because, yes, there will be the Delegations – what we can think of as the formal, more formal announcements or arrangements that are taking place and will take place on your planet, in physicality, very shortly. It is all arranged. We’re just waiting for a few things to settle down, shall we say.

Channelled by Linda Dillon

Transcribed by Ellen Nairn