Simple gratitude – thank you – in fact is a gift of essential life force because, when it is genuine, it is the gift of unconditional love.

Another wonderful channelled gem shared by Kirsten from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

GAIA Speaks to Gratitude and Our Sacred Partnership

Kirsten: How can I best serve you in the full diversity and beauty of life that you hold?

GAIA: One of the ways… and I want you to understand the fullness of the context within which I speak and also think of it, sweet one, in terms of your own life, your own unfoldment. There are practical things we will talk about, but thank you! ‘Thank you’ – gratitude – is so important on every single level.

So often, the way that humans have construed it, there is a reticence and sometimes even outright denial when ‘thank you’ or gratitude – true gratitude – is expressed, and that of course is a denial of the efforts, the participation, the simple beingness.

When you… and you do express your gratitude, whether it is for a particular cloud or mountain or stream or blade of grass… it is a gift. It is not simply a confirmation of “yes, job well done.” It is a conjoining, it is a sublime union, it is a form of sacred union where there is recognition – and yes, it is recognition, shall I say, for every molecule of water, every drop of rain that falls into that river or stream.

It is a recognition and an appreciation of the stream bed, the grass that grows at the edge, and the forest that lies behind. It is an expression of union. It is an expression of love. It is not just that I see your beauty; it is that I embrace you, and in that true expression of gratitude, the inside gift is that in that you are also coming as the fullness of yourself.

You are saying, “I come whole and complete – sentient, conscious being – and I see you, and I thank you, and I am in union with you.” This is what so many humans have forgotten.

So, simple gratitude – thank you – in fact is a gift of essential life force because, when it is genuine, it is the gift of unconditional love.

When there is that sense of union, then separation – that sense of fragmentation – doesn’t become… isn’t… an option, because it is like taking a hot iron to your skin or cutting your abdomen wide open. Love does not work that way. So it is a starting point and, yes, a finishing point. But when you are in this place, then what is done and what isn’t done becomes so obvious.

Too often, in the human realm, someone will say “thank you” that you did something for them – a project, dear heart, which you can relate to as “well done, good job, thank you.” And then time passes by and there is friction, and sometimes even animosity or misunderstanding, and they say, “Well, what’s your problem? I said thank you.” Well then, it was not genuine, was it!

It was a blip on your radar. It was not true. It was “thank you for what you have produced” rather than for who you are.  In the same way you are more than a report, I am more than a rainfall, I am more than a crop, I am more than a season. This is but just part of my visage, but it is the digging deeper.

So really what you are saying to me – and I thank you – is: “Mother, how do we work, play, live, exist, become together?” Of all my angels, you are one of the most genuine because you do know, and in that… not a trait but your genuine nature… we proceed together.

I am teaching humanity – as are many of us – but I am teaching humanity what sacred partnership looks like, how it behaves, how it accommodates, how it transmutes, and how it redirects. And some will say, “Well, this is climate change,” as if it is some independent phenomena or that I am acting out because there is drought or flood.

What is occurring is that my many children are being asked to pay attention. And it isn’t a matter of moving back from the riverbed. It is a matter of truly translating – not just into unspoken belief systems but into everyday actions, reactions, behaviours, undertakings – that which reflects an understanding of our union.

Abuse of all kinds – and it goes by one name – has become far too commonplace and far too acceptable. So this balancing… that if you behave in one way, there is a reaction… it is the balance.

You are a teacher, you are a doer, but it begins, sweet one, with the gratitude and the understanding that we truly are One! There is not some backup plan for humanity to transfer to another planet-in-waiting. I am it! For this is the journey for this portion of the unending journey.