… releasing the whole paradigm of addiction is so necessary upon your planet, whether it is addiction to substance or pain – because they are exactly the same – sex, drugs, alcohol, power, abuse… deviant behaviour that is not of the Divine.

Another wonderfully encouraging gem shared with us by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Valdar: Releasing Addiction [Addiction, Part 2/3]

Andrew: Can you give us your perspective on my daughter’s progress and perhaps some more encouragement for her in her commitment to the Mother and the collective, and for all those afflicted with addictions?

Archangel Valdar: I would be pleased and honoured to do so.

Daughter of the Mother and daughter of wisdom, let us begin by saying first of all that in fact you are improving, and in fact you are gently and methodically, carefully, weaning yourself… no, you’re not being weaned, let us be clear about this… you, energetically, physically, practically, esoterically, are weaning yourself out of what has been termed ‘addiction’.

And when we say ‘addiction’, you know we are talking about the human addiction, the collective addiction. So, in many ways, beloved one, you are like a bellwether for the human addiction to pain and suffering.

Now let us back up a bit – and yes, [Archangel] Michael* has addressed this – but I wish to address it again because you are correct: the caregivers… and I use that word specifically… the caregivers, because that is all they are at the clinic, have lost sight of their intention, their purpose, their mission, their undertaking, their commitment to Source.

None of these individuals – not from the receptionist to the director, the janitor to the doctor – none of these beings first of all have been positioned in this clinic by accident, and none of these caregivers began their journey by saying, “I want to be in a place where I can abuse others, where I can make them feel small and inconsequential and guilty, where I can reinforce the pain of addiction or a disease.” None of them started out that way.

And yes, they have been hardened, not just by what they have witnessed but their own sense of inefficacy, of inefficiency, in their own sense of not truly being able to do – to truly do – what they intended to do, what they started out to do.

They wanted to take care of the sick, of those in trouble; they wanted to cure and heal, and because of the structure – yes, let us talk about government funding, but also the collective attitudes – they have lost their compassion, and even more sadly, they have lost their sense of why they do this job.

Now, sweet [daughter], as hard as it is, let us not underestimate or underspeak what you do by walking into that clinic. You bring the light, you bring the Mother’s wisdom, you bring the Mother’s compassion – and not only to the clients and clinic attendees, but to the entire population of this clinic – and through that… think of it… it is beaming out, yes, dear heart, to the entire medical system.

So you come in… think of it as a 200-watt bulb shining incandescently and shining in their eyes, but more importantly in their heart… reminding them, relighting that spark of: “Oh my gosh, that’s why I am here!”

Now some of them have built a very thick shell, not only around their personas and their egos, but around their hearts because that is how they thought they could survive and continue their work. But let us be very clear: you are like a laser beam cutting through those layers of brittle shell. So you are bringing hope, you are bringing compassion, you are bringing a breakthrough to this situation.

Is it hard work? It most certainly is! But beloved, you are strong and this entire situation – yes, even from the beginning – has taught you just how strong and how undefeatable you truly are.

And you do this with the gentleness of compassion and love, and you do it not only with the Mother’s wisdom but with the practical wisdom of understanding addiction, and understanding those who have walked this path, giving them the energy and the light and the encouragement to keep going, and to those who are in service.

So do not underestimate, my beloved one, the magnitude of what you are doing – and doing extraordinarily well!

But yes, you are releasing completely… not just transmuting… I need to be clear about this. You are not merely transmuting and transforming the addiction – that is simultaneous – but you are releasing the whole paradigm of addiction. And beloved, that is so necessary upon your planet, whether it is addiction to substance or pain – because they are exactly the same – sex, drugs, alcohol, power, abuse… deviant behaviour that is not of the Divine.

That is what you are absolutely transmuting and eliminating, and for this, we – and when I say ‘we’, I mean the Company of Heaven – thank you.

And I wish to also say something about your beloved home – and the home that you so generously, kindly, share with your beloved beautiful miracle cat and your beloved father. What the three of you are doing is demonstrating what love looks like – what inclusiveness looks like – that none are left behind, and that you can live in a one room or a palace, it does not matter. That is where love lives.

It is in the home and it is in the heart – whether it is on a ship, or in a castle, or in a one-room home. Home is home – it is where love thrives!

So for this we thank you as well, all of you – all three of you.