Yeshua, channeled by Linda Dillon

Greetings, I AM Yeshua, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM your beloved Yeshi, and I do not ask the Holiness to step aside but rather I edge in next to him. I address this perfect question of how to connect with those with differing opinions, be it about me or anything else.

But, is this not the perfect question – of how to relate with one who believes they know me and you don’t? We sit here, we stand here, we are anchored here in what you think of so often as the east and west, and there have been historical differences in what you think of as east and west…that one sect, often religious or political…which are interchangeable far too often…but that one sect believes they have the answer and the other does not.

What is at the core of this? This is a collective core issue that some of you have been experiencing and that is being housecleaned at this moment. It is this deep-rooted, profound desire to be right. And it is the fear, the mortal fear…and you know to whom I speak…of being wrong.

When you feel that you are right, it means that somehow there is a translation factor that, in fact, you are worthy, you are love, you have the answer, and you are on easy street. How many faces of love can there be? I find it peculiar, and even sad as in tragic, that any being wants to pigeonhole me, or the Buddha, or the Mother, or even my beloved St. Germaine. Because what that is doing is it is pigeonholing that individual. It is pigeonholing, it is squeezing the identity of that person into such a confined, narrow space that they can’t move and they can’t breathe. It is an extraordinarily uncomfortable place to be…I know because very often the rabbis, my community, at times my family, the Romans would try and pigeonhole me.

And they would do this by being critical and cynical, making fun of me, mocking me, and dismissing me. And I would know that this was but an expression of their fear. It’s not of faith to limit, it is of fear, and the fear is often masked by anger… “Why don’t you listen to me? I am right and you are wrong!”

No, my friends, no! How do you come and conjoin in heart, in community, in love, and sacred union if one is right and one is made wrong, be it a nation, a group, or a person. So how does one proceed? What you do is you express…for example, your question about who has the correct understanding of my being…you will say, “I am open to all understandings of Yeshua, of Jesus, and I am open, dear sister, because I love him and I want him in my life. And more importantly even I love you and I want you in my life, not that you may abuse me or dismiss me, or practice abuse and control, but because we have chosen to travel together. I want us, as humans filled with compassion and love and brilliance, to resolve this together, that we may not only tolerate and coexist but that we can celebrate your expression of Jesus and mine.”

It is not an either/or, it is coming together in the community with the diversity. The Mother did not simply birth one form of water, one form of tree, one form of rock, one form of air. Allow for the diversity, and more than that, embrace it. Do not be defensive, there is never any point. Keep yourself open. Allow yourself to be fearless insofar as you may learn. And it is not so much that you are learning more about me because you already know me. You are learning more about this soul, this person, that stands in front of you and is so afraid of being wrong, who yearns to be right because that means that they are loved.

Practice this and do it in my name, for I am always with you. Farewell.