We ask Mother Mary, “What lies ahead of us?”

Through the virtue of what you have become – ascended masters in form – you are now able to create miracles untold. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet Annas! I AM your Mother, I AM Universal Mother Mary, Mother of Love, Mother of Change and Transformation, Mother of The New World, Mother of All!

My dear ones, children of my heart, pieces of my soul, brave and stalwart warriors of love, I come to you with pride and with recognition of your diligence and fortitude. I come to bless you, I come to enfold thee in my cloak of Diamond Blue, and to fill you with my love and nurturing essence. I come to show you just how far you have gotten in your ascension, for you are way ahead, out in the forefront of the Council of Love.

“And what does this mean Mother?” I hear you asking fervently. “What lies ahead of us?”

You have left behind you all the false programming, all the memories of old pains and suffering, and you have been filled up with love and wisdom. You have traveled through the shadows and through the deepest darkness, recovering fragmented parts of yourselves, and you have emerged victoriously into the light and into the fullness of your beautiful selves. This is an enormous accomplishment, for the work you have done required a lot of determination, commitment, and fortitude. You have removed all the distractions, focused your attention, and followed the thread of gold and the clues given constantly by your souls. You did not stop until the last of your core issues was uncovered and poof-ed out into the light.

Through the virtue of what you have become – ascended masters in form – you are now able to create miracles untold. Yes, dear hearts many of you will continue to do the same – work and travel – just as you have done previously, but the effect that your mere presence will have on others will be significantly changed and upgraded.

Be gentle and kind with yourselves, and do not attempt to heavy lift everyone on your path. Be prudent and allow the knowing of your hearts to guide you as to when to speak, and when to keep your silence, when to intervene, and when to hold the space of love for every single child of mine that comes to you, brought and guided by their souls. Trust yourselves and your intention to be the purest light, beaming and transmitting it to everyone, without any discrimination, my loves, my beauties, my essence. For yes, dear hearts, you are my messengers, you are my transmitters, and you are my portals of love.

All you have to do is to surrender and allow yourselves to flow into my ocean of love, then embrace everyone with kindness and with the utmost compassion.

Do not fall into the old ways of judging, keeping your distance, or fearing the presence of the lower vibrations. Understand that when others come to thee, they are in desperate need of your healing, nurturing, and loving energies, and whether they know it or not, it matters not. Allow them to continue on their paths after you have given them your embrace, a powerful loving touch, and your encouragement.

Only then endeavor to continuously hold onto your high stamina and energy levels by tending lovingly to yourselves, thus maintaining a centered stance and balance at every level.

New adventures and playful paths are opening for each and every one of you! You are doing phenomenally well.

I thank you for your service! I love you! Stay with My Love and stay with My Peace. Farewell!

By permission.

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.



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