Message of the Day

” … feel the clarity of the blue topaz so that when you speak you speak with clarity, you speak with purity, and you speak with love…down into your throat, into your high heart, and into your heart, that beautiful, shiny blue topaz. But let’s not stop at our hearts, let’s give the gift to each chakra. So, your beautiful lemon yellow, the seat of your will … your will to will, the Will of One, and your halion… umbilical, your sweet little tummy, your pubic, your root…bring in blue topaz.

… Now, pull it back up from your root, your tummy, your sacral, your umbilical, your hara, back up into your heart. Now, feel it exploding as if it’s all those sparkles of blue topaz are going out, out of your heart into your causal, your mental, your emotional, your etheric, your astral bodies. Let it go…good. … El Morya is asking that you work … you play … you embrace this blue topaz often and diligently for the next couple of weeks…bring it in and anchor.” Linda Dillon

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