Message of the Day

“Greetings, I AM Serapis Bey, Keeper of the Temple, Keeper of the Flame, and I welcome you. … I open my arms to you and I invite you to the Ascension Chamber … to Luxor to come with me, etherically, actually, spiritually …

This has never been simply a walk in the garden…but does it include a walk in the garden? Most certainly. And it is the garden of spirit, and it is the garden of light, it is the garden of awareness … it is the garden of Divine Knowing and Authority.

…. your ascension is consistency … to your sweet self, to your brilliance, to your light, to your path, to your choices, to your refined balance … it is a journey, a pathway of consistent focus…. it is the deepest commitment of your hearts. It is without exclusion saying,’I will!’, and then doing in accordance with the love. For is the love not the White Flame?

… I come this day … to offer my assistance, not to say that I am simply there … on call. No, the discipline, the consistency, the focus, the responsibility, is for you to call me.

And if, and when you do, I will take you under my tutelage … I will walk you through … accompany you through, the reunion with One and the assumption of your reimagined, reborn, reconstituted self…on planet…as the true angels of change, the agents of our beloved Mother/Father, as the co-creators of Nova Earth.” Serapis Bey

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.

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