Message of the Day

” … ‘Sweet angels, are you ready and willing to accept?’ As Archangel of Healing, I know, my beloved friend, that your answer and the answer of many is ‘absolutely, yes!’ And as you say ‘yes’ – think of it in this way: you are saying ‘yes!’ for millions who do not as fully understand as you do that the conscious choice is part of the process, and it is also part of the pathway and the reward. …

There are great changes taking place upon your planet. Perhaps the most significant is … the obvious arrival of your Star Family and friends – not as hidden boots on the ground … in the fullness of their ‘olive branch’ and their offering of community and unity, of love, of friendship, of cooperation, of the sharing of technology and wisdom… and the stories, the tales … of what lies beyond what people think of as your galaxies.

And so, beloved brother, I am with thee … and I am with the totality of humanity. This is the time when I step forth on behalf of the Mother and we will raise, and you will raise, and all is in order – all is in unfoldment – not as some distant horizon but right now. That is why I come. You may note… I do not speak frequently – only when it is, shall we say, necessary. And now is one of those times.” Archangel Raphael (from Andrew’s reading with Linda Dillon)

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.

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