Message of The Day

A man stands on a hill and looks out over the world

“I just love to come to talk to you, for these are exciting times that are approaching. Yes, you and all of us are stepping into this next phase, a more exciting one, where you will be stepping up into your Divine Knowing and Divine Authority.

Therefore, at the energetic level, in that sense it is your duty to change, and to act in a more direct manner, for by stepping up into your even higher vibrational state individually, and as a community of lightworkers and love holders, you are assisting more effectively by pulling the entire human family forward and upward.

Dear angels of the future, we are returning or stepping back into the original plan and dream of the Mother, of bringing light and love, and anchoring them back into the hearts of the human collective, for this was never meant to be a life of struggle, suffering, and limitation on anyone’s part, for the plan was meant to be filled with play, laughter, and joy.

Congratulations dear, brave, silver angels, brothers and sisters of my heart!”  Archangel Uriel (channeled by Genoveva Coyle)

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