Message of The Day

“So has your patience and the patience of the collective of humanity been pushed and tried to the limit? The answer is “yes”, and my beloved friend, that is a good thing because it is pushing, urging people into making different choices in declaring that their patience has not only worn thin, it is worn out. And so it results in the demanding and the implementing of a different paradigm.

You are our ambassador – you know this – and in that, you have need to know that much is already underway in terms of our not only actual presence, because you know full well that there are many boots on the ground – yes, including your artist friends – but it is the recognition of a formal declaration that you as human beings, as Gaians, are not alone, and the recognition and the welcome to us as we come in peace.”  Zentar of The Pleiades (from a private reading for an Earthbound Star Soul)

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