Message of The Day

“We come this day, of course, always in love and joy and gratitude and thanksgiving, but we also come to fortify thee – not merely to strengthen but to fortify – for you live, and you have chosen to live, in the most tumultuous time upon your planet ever.

So there is immediate and severe need for the re-focusing of attention on the within, on the truth of heart knowing, of heart speaking, of heart listening. Heart speaking is not cruel or judgmental; it is kind and compassionate and caring and loving. There is no room – even as the chaos clears and unfolds – there is no room for judgment, for blame, for fault.

And what human beings are being brought to is the re-realization that all that counts, all that is yearned for, all that is valued, is love. So they are going – to use an old human analogy – they are going through the wringer washer, but they are passing through this time of crisis to the time of decision, to the time of choice, to the time of resurrection. You do not ascend to a higher octave, to a higher dimensional frequency, when you are clinging to the old. So it quite literally is being shaken loose, rolled out, so that the collective may proceed – because proceed they will. And yes, if it is with several million people less, that is fine; they simply return home to the light.”  Zalishia of The Pleiades

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